play! scala file resource handling and image resizing

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Information about play! scala file resource handling and image resizing

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: 3x14159265



file resource and image resize plugin for play! 2 framework in scala. storing files like amazon s3 bucket and resize images on the fly.

file resource handling & image resizing in play! (scala) by david pichsenmeister

play-res & play-scalr for play! framework 2 developed by @LeonRadley

play-res like amazon s3 bucket computes sha1 hash of file and uses it as pathname

dependencies val appDependencies = Seq( "se.digiplant" %% "play-res" % "1.0" ) val main = play.Project(appName, appVersion, appDependencies).settings( // to simplify the reverse routing templatesImport ++= Seq("se.digiplant._") )

conf/application.conf # Resource plugin save directory # is relative to app, but can be absolute to filesystem also res.default=res res.images=res/images conf/routes GET /res/:file GET /images/:file,“images”)

upload def upload = SecuredAction(true) { implicit request => val file = for { body <- request.body.asMultipartFormData uploaded <- body.file("file") } yield uploaded file match { case Some(f) => { val id: String = Res.put(f.ref.file) Ok(Json.obj("url" -> id)) } case _ => BadRequest } }

reverse routing <img src=" ("5564ac5e3968e77b4022f55a23d36630bdeb0274.jpg")" alt="" /> <img src=" ("5564ac5e3968e77b4022f55a23d36630bdeb0274.jpg", "images")" alt="" /> direct http://www.sharedspaces. at/res/cf342662c630a41f0dcf19314a35f82e5abbc9c4.jpg

play-scalr image resizing “on-the-fly”{{width}}/{{height}}/ {{mode}}/file.jpg different modes: ● ● ● ● ● automatic fit_exact fit_to_width fit_to_height crop

dependencies val appDependencies = Seq( "se.digiplant" %% "play-scalr" % "1.0.1" ) conf/application.conf # define cache, so they only need to be resized once res.scalrcache=res/scalr # Tell scalr to use scalrcache source we just created scalr.cache=scalrcache conf/routes GET /res/:width/:height/:mode/:file se.digiplant. Int, height: Int, mode: String, file)

reverse routing <img src=" ("5564ac5e3968e77b4022f55a23d36630bdeb0274.jpg", 150, 100, "crop")" alt="" /> direct http://www.sharedspaces. at/res/150/100/crop/cf342662c630a41f0dcf19314a35f82e5abbc9c 4.jpg


thanks! feel free to add me on: .../3x14159265

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