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Published on April 15, 2008

Author: Reaa


Slide1:  Title: Play Fair 2008 Play Fair 2008 is an international campaign taking place in the lead up to the 2008 Olympic Games to push for respect for workers' rights in the global sporting goods industry. Questions: Where are the 2008 Olympic Games being held? What effect will the Olympics have on sales of sporting goods? What types of goods are likely to be being made to support the Olympics? All material sourced from Slide2:  Questions: If the workers that make the clothes aren’t profiting from the money, who is? What are ‘rights violations?’ Why would Adidas pay so much money to sponsor the Olympics? Slide3:  Questions: What stops these things from happening in our country? Why do the workers put up with this sort of treatment? Slide4:  Wages are 64.6 percent less than the legal standards. Long working hours. Health and safety hazards (e.g. fire danger, toxic dyes, dust and sitting on seats with no backs for 13 hours) Difficulty in resigning (when trying to leave the job, workers lose one months pay). Deceiving the buyers’ inspectors (fake salary slips were made) Food and accommodation (food is expensive and workers have to sleep 8 to one room) Excessive fines and punishments (if a worker takes 3 days sick, she loses a months pay) No legal maternity leave No support system, no union representation Yue Wing Cheong Light Products (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd – bag manufacturers. Questions: 9. Put the points on the right in the order of importance. Be ready to explain your decision. Slide5:  Rights violations at this factory, where 50 different items are produced under license for the 2008 Olympics, included paying workers 50% of the minimum wage, 13 hour days, health and safety problems, and using fake salary slips to hide violations from auditors sent to inspect conditions. Slide6:  The industry as a whole (factory owners, brand name sportswear companies, and retailers). The Olympic movement. As the main coordinating body for the Olympics, the IOC has the responsibility to ensure that national Olympics committees and the country hosting the Games ensure their licensees and sponsors uphold the Olympic ideals. The sportswear industry also needs to do more to ensure respect for the rights of workers throughout their global supply chains. Athletes and teams who are sponsored by sportswear companies could play a part in cleaning up the industry. Consumers who buy this gear should speak out against the violation of human rights in the workplace. Questions: 10. Write down the four groups of people who can help solve the problems of ill treatment of workers in the run up to the Olympics. 11. Beside each of the four names, explain why they might not do anything about the problem. Slide8:  Questions: 12. Is this presentation biased? If so, how? What might the other side of the story be?

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