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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: nationalmolding


National Molding: National Molding 1 National Molding: National Molding 2 National Molding: National Molding 3 National Molding: National Molding 4 National Molding: National Molding 5 National Molding: National Molding 6 National Molding: National Molding 7 National Molding: National Molding 8 Plastic Injection Molding: Plastic Injection Molding 9 National Molding are the inventors of the Hetero-Cavity Custom Injection Molding System, which allows 30 plastic parts to be produced simultaneously. Manufacturers who need small plastic injection molded parts will find National Molding's Hetero-Cavity System inexpensive, easy to use and a great fit for most engineering needs, especially when multiple plastic molds or modular molds are needed. Headquartered in Miami Lakes, FL, National Molding also has two facilities in Shanghai, China, all of which offer the Hetero-Cavity System for plastic injection molding of small plastic parts. Injection Molding Process: Injection Molding Process 10 National Molding's Hetero-Cavity System is an injection molding process that fills the engineering industry's need for low cost tooling and low cost resin molding. Multiple plastic molds, often used to make small plastic auto parts or our own replacement military buckles and backpack buckles, can be easily produced and swapped via the Hetero-Cavity System. Low cost tooling is further facilitated because our plastic injection molding process requires so little lead time. Multiple molds and short lead time lead to low cost tooling and resin molding via our revolutionary injection molding process. Modular molding: Modular molding 11 Plastic Automotive Fasteners, and plastic fastening components are produced at National Molding's US and China facilities. Our rapid response engineers partner with auto parts manufacturers to ensure that our standard plastic automotive parts and plastic automotive fasteners are the highest quality and the best fit for their spec and production needs. National molding will quickly and cost-effectively produce the right plastic automotive fastener and plastic fastening component for any auto manufacturer. Military Tactical Vest: Military Tactical Vest 12 Duraflex is a leader in producing replacement buckles for military vests and backpack buckles. Because our own Hetero-Cavity plastic injection molding system can quickly, cost effectively produce plastic molds for virtually any use, the cost, quality, availability and speed to market of our Duraflex fasteners, Duraflex buckles for military tactical vests and replacement buckles for military gear are buckles and fasteners of choice for the American military and are industry leaders the world over. Contact Us: Contact Us 13 For more Information and Query please click here and visit our website.

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