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Information about plaster of paris manufacturers and suppliers | Gypsona Plaster

Published on December 18, 2017

Author: gypsonaplaster


Slide 1: Welcome to  GYP SONA Plaster of Paris Manufacturers and suppliers Slide 2: Garg Brothers Plaster Industries offers India’s finest quality building construction and renovation products, which can give shape to your challenging interior and exterior renovation ideas.  Slide 3: Our Products:   We are reputed manufacturer and exporter of premium quality Gypsum Powder,  Plaster Of Paris , Wall Putty, Limestone and Fly ash Bricks which are marketed under the brand name ‘GYPSONA’. Slide 4: 1. Plaster of Paris We are the leading  Plaster of Paris Suppliers  for all applications ranging from walls, ceilings, & home interiors . Plaster Of Paris Manufacturers Slide 5: 2. Wall   Putty Gypsona Wall Putty for use on concrete / motar (internal / external) and ceiling. It is one of the leading wall putty suppliers and manufacturer in Rajasthan, India. Slide 6: 3. Hydrated Lime We offer the best Quality products of   hydrated lime manufacturers  suitable for versatile uses. Consistency in Quality and suitability for customers are the major merits of our products. Slide 7: 4. Ready Mix Plaster It is a ready-to-use dry powder that is light brown in colour , manufactured to provide high-early strength within a very short span of time by mixing optimum quantity of water . ready mix plaster manufacturers Slide 8: 5. AAC Block Gypsona plaster is best AAC Block suppliers rajasthan . AAC Blocks also known as autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC) or autoclaved lightweight concrete( ALC ). Slide 9: 6. Flyash Brick The leading and best quality  Fly ash bricks manufacturers  and fly ash bricks supplier in Rajasthan is Gypsona Plaster. Slide 10: Contact Us +91-9711866263, +91-9024489846

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