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Published on January 10, 2009

Author: damien_thorne


Plaque Induced Gingivitis : Plaque Induced Gingivitis GINGIVA : GINGIVA It is the part of oral mucosa that covers the alveolar processes of the jaw and surrounds the necks of the tooth. Anatomically 2 types- 1.Free gingiva Which extend up to cement-enamel junction about 1.5-2 mm thick. 2.Attached gingiva – it is firm, resilient and tightly bound to the cementum and periostium of alveolar bone. GINGIVA : GINGIVA Free gingiva is also divided into 2 types- a) Marginal gingiva -is the terminal edge or border of gingiva surrounding the teeth in a collar like fashion. b) Interdental gingiva -occupies the gingival embrasure, pyramidal in shape. Gingivitis : Gingivitis It can be defined as the inflammation of Gingiva Type- plaque induced gingival diseases 2.non-plaque induced gingival diseases Dental plaque : Dental plaque Plaque is the whitish, soft accumulation of food debris, saliva, bacteria, bacterial substrate and cell on the tooth surface. Composition of Plaque : Composition of Plaque Bacterial cell Matrix Extracellular polysaccharide Mutans/Dextrose Epithelial cell WBC Steps of Plaque Formation : Steps of Plaque Formation Formation of acquired pellicle Bacterial colonization Plaque maturation Formation of Acquired Pellicle : Formation of Acquired Pellicle Bathing of enamel surface by salivary secretion containing glycoprotein. Selective absorption of glycoprotein. Splitting of polysaccharide in abnormal glycoprotein by the enzyme from saliva and bacteria. Conversion of Glucan into Dextran to make sticky adherent. Bacterial Colonization : Bacterial Colonization Within 1-2 hours gram positive and gram negative cocci and rods are appeared on the tooth surface. Colonization of fusiform and filamentous group of bacteria along with gram positive and negative cocci and rod. Spirochetes group of bacteria appears along with other bacteria. Plaque induced gingival diseases : Plaque induced gingival diseases 1.Gingival diseases modified by systemic factor a) associated with endocrine system 1.puberty associated gingivitis 2.pregnancy associated gingivitis 3.diabetis mellitus associated gingivitis b) Associated with blood dyscrasia leukemia Plaque induced gingival diseases : 2.Gingivitis associated with dental plaque A) without local contributing factor B) With local contributing factor 3. Gingival diseases modified by medications Oral contraceptive 4. Gingival diseases modified by malnutrition Ascorbic acid deficiency gingivitis Plaque induced gingival diseases Clinical manifestation of plaque induced gingivitis(Mild) : Clinical manifestation of plaque induced gingivitis(Mild) Clinical manifestation of plaque induced gingivitis(Moderate) : Clinical manifestation of plaque induced gingivitis(Moderate) Clinical manifestation of plaque induced gingivitis(Severe) : Clinical manifestation of plaque induced gingivitis(Severe) Case presentation : Case presentation Patient’s Name: Ayesha akhter Age: 24 Years Clinical Manifestation: a) Marked redness b) Marked edema and hypertrophy of marginal and papillary gingiva c) Spontaneous bleeding on probing Slide 18: Before : Upper Right Palatal aspect After : Upper Right Palatal aspec Slide 19: Before : Upper right buccal aspect After : Upper right buccal aspect Slide 20: Before : Lower labial aspect After : Lower labial aspect Thank You : Thank You

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