Plants, Soils & Biochar

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Information about Plants, Soils & Biochar

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: ChiefCharista



This presentation was used to teach 3rd graders about plants, soils & of course biochar!

plants, soils & biochar Kathleen Draper Ithaka Institute for Carbon Intelligence

What do plants need to grow?

Why is good soil important?

What makes good soil?

Tilth= physical condition of soil Dirt = dead soil!

pH compost nutrients Biochar! How can you improve soil?

What is Charcoal? What is Biochar? Biochar & Charcoal are kind of like cousins!

What can you make it from? Anything that was once living, but mostly trees or plants!

How is Charcoal /Biochar like a Super Hero?

What Makes It So Special? PORES Rubber Tree Biochar Macadamia Shell Biochar

Any Questions? Let’s get planting!

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