Plantar Fasciitis Treatment - Stretches For Plantar Fasciitis, Cure Pl

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Information about Plantar Fasciitis Treatment - Stretches For Plantar Fasciitis, Cure Pl

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: calamor


Slide 2: What Is Plantar Fasciitis? Slide 3: Plantar Fasciitis Is An Injury Sustained As The Result Of Repetitive Stress Placed On The Bottom Of The Foot. More Specifically, Its Damage Sustained On The Fascia—a Thin Layer Of Fibrous Tissue That Protects Other Tissues Within Your Feet. Many People Develop Plantar Fasciitis From Long Periods Of Standing, Running, Or Performing Various Load-bearing Activities. Slide 4: Plantar Fasciitis Symptoms Slide 5: The Most Common Symptom Of Plantar Fasciitis Is Pain. This Can Be Burning, Stinging, Stabbing Or Throbbing Pain. Many People Experience A Dramatic Amount Of Pain When They First Get Up In The Morning, With The Sensation Lessening Throughout The Day. For Others, The Pain Is Consistent. Slide 6: The Pain Can Be Isolated To An Area In The Middle Of Foot, Or It Can Radiate Outward Towards The Toes. The Heel Is Another Common Area For Plantar Fasciitis Pain To Show Up. Slide 7: Plantar Fasciitis Pain Can Be Very Stubborn And Last For Months Or Even Years. Since Walking And Standing Cannot Be Completely Avoided In Our Lives, The Injury Can Cause Serious Disturbances In Professional And Private Life. Slide 8: Causes Of Plantar Fasciitis Slide 9: Several Different Things Can Cause Plantar Fasciitis, Which Makes Classifying The Condition Somewhat Difficult. For Example, Bone Spurs, Flat Feet, High-arched Feet, And Hard Running Surfaces Are All Very Different—but Each One Can Be A Cause Of The Condition. Individuals In Professions That Require You To Stand For Long Periods Of Time—nursing, For Example—are At A Higher Risk For Developing Cause Plantar Fasciitis. Slide 10: Another Very Common Cause Of Plantar Fasciitis Is The Type Of Shoe You Choose To Wear. Older Or Poorly Constructed Shoes Can Place Your Feet At A Higher Risk For Stress. Shoes That Don't Have Adequate Padding For The Heel And Arch Can Be A Problem As Well. Slide 11: Finally, Overweight Individuals Are At A Higher Risk For Developing Plantar Fasciitis. As You Gain Weight, This Naturally Places More Stress On The Tissues Of Your Feet, And The Fascia Tends To Bear The Brunt Of This. Slide 12: Treatments Slide 13: There Are A Number Of Treatment Options For Plantar Fasciitis. From Special Orthotic Devices And Splints, To Stretching And Strengthening The Fascia Itself. R.I.C.E. Is A Common Treatment Regimen, Which Stands For Rest Icepack Application Compression And Elevation. Research Has Shown That 25% Of Individuals With Plantar Fasciitis Have Found That Rest Is The Best Treatment. Many People Have Success With Dietary Modifications As Well. Zinc, For Example, Is An Essential Mineral That Helps You Repair And Regenerate Damaged Tissue. Slide 14: Plantar Fasciitis Can Be A Very Debilitating Medical Condition If It Is Left Untreated. The Good News, However, Is That There Are A Number Of Solutions Available To Help You Overcome It. Slide 15: To Learn More About Plantar Fasciitis And Proven Techniques To Treat And Prevent It, The Best Guide On The Matter Is Fast Plantar Fasciitis Cure™ By Exercise Rehab Consultant Jeremy Roberts. This Book Provides Reader With A Step-by-step Plan Of Action To Overcome The Pain And Repair The Damaged Foot Tissue. By Following This Plan, You Can Quickly Reclaim Your Foot Health And Your Quality Of Life.

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