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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: mcarothers


PowerPoint Presentation: vascular plants non-vascular plants non-vascular plants needle-like leaves the leaf has branching veins the leaf is long and thin with parallel veins lima bean seeds are from dicots because they have two seed food storage areas ( cot yledons) V ascular plants have tubes to transport food and water; nonvascular do not PowerPoint Presentation: It would be helpful to know how many petals their flowers have (3 or 3x for monocots; 4, 4x, 5, or 5x for dicots) ferns carbon dioxide light energy water chlorophyll sugar energy carbon dioxide & water carbon dioxide PowerPoint Presentation: These two processes are opposites of each other. chloroplasts transpiration – evaporation from plants stomata roots photosynthesis dormancy change in temperature change in amount of water PowerPoint Presentation: phototropism thigmotropism gravitropism (or geotropism) organism reproduce respond to stimuli grow and develop obtain and use resources for energy PowerPoint Presentation: offspring identical to “parent” offspring different from parent s they are able to breed and produce organisms that can breed Homo sapiens PowerPoint Presentation: kingdom phylum class order family genus species Fungi cannot make their own food so they decomposer penicillin live on other organisms to get food PowerPoint Presentation: Non-vascular Vascular Spore-producing Seed-producing PowerPoint Presentation: Flowering Monocot Dicot

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