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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: mcarothers


PowerPoint Presentation: Part B is the anther and it produces pollen Part H are the ovules and they become the seeds Part F is the stigma and pollen gets stuck to it The anthers and stigma are held out of the center of the flower so pollinators will run into them as they try to get to the nectar. PowerPoint Presentation: wind – dandelion seeds float in the air water – a coconut floats in water animals – a cocklebur seed can get stuck to a dog’s fur animals – rhinos eat “rhino apples” and poop them out later to attract pollinators moves water and nutrients up from the roots moves sugars down from the leaves thorns poisons movement PowerPoint Presentation: B - stem A - flowers C - leaves D - roots to protect the seed and prevent it from drying out the embryo root hairs Fibrous roots have several main roots that have other roots branching off of them. Tap roots have one main root with numerous smaller roots branching off of it. When pollen is transferred from the anther of one flower to the stigma of another flower by a pollinator. PowerPoint Presentation: e mbryo – this develops into the plant seed coat – protects the seed cotyledon – feeds the embryo When the seed coat opens and the roots and stem begin to grow when the sperm cell and egg cell join together in the ovule; a seed is then formed/created the conditions are right for the seeds to grow seeds the plant grows larger and develops structures for reproduction (flowers); a plant is then considered “mature” PowerPoint Presentation: plant development sexual flowers T he roots grow with gravity because they grow down. The stem grows opposite of gravity because it grows up. that bamboo plants can reproduce asexually it is genetically identical to the parent plant PowerPoint Presentation: strawberry plants grow sideways stems called runners; new plants grow where they touch some plants, like fruit trees, will have a new stem and leaves grow from their roots False True False PowerPoint Presentation: Asexual reproduction has one parent and produces genetically identical offspring. Sexual has two parents and offspring are genetically different from the parents. The plant was cut or damaged needle-like leaves The leaf is long and thin and it has parallel veins ferns carbon dioxide water sunlight chlorophyll PowerPoint Presentation: There will be 45 multiple choice questions on this test chloroplast roots stomata dormancy gravitropism thigmotropism

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