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Information about plant mineral requirements

Published on January 26, 2009

Author: kaminis


Plants for FoodObjectives : Plants for FoodObjectives MUST State some examples of food made from plants SHOULD Explain why fertilizers help plants grow COULD Relate named fertilisers to their functions in the plants What do we use plants for? : What do we use plants for? Which of the following came from plants? TO BEGIN WITH…. 1 2 4 5 3 Which part of a plant? : Which part of a plant? What do plants need for a balanced diet? : What do plants need for a balanced diet? Plants need carbon dioxide and water for photosynthesis. Do they need any other nutrients to keep healthy? Just like humans, plants need a balanced diet that includes small amounts of mineral elements. What mineral elements do they need? What Minerals do plants need? : What Minerals do plants need? Plants need mineral elements for healthy growth. Some of the most important minerals needed by plants are: The mineral elements are found in salts dissolved in water. Plants obtain minerals when they absorb water from the soil. How do plants obtain these minerals? nitrogen potassium ions phosphorus potassium magnesium magnesium ions phosphates nitrates What type of salt are each of these elements found in? What are minerals needed for? : What are minerals needed for? How do plants use these mineral elements? making leaves making roots making flowers and fruit Plant and minerals – summary activity : Plant and minerals – summary activity Where do minerals come from? : Where do minerals come from? Rocks: The minerals in rocks are slowly dissolved by slightly acidic rainwater. These minerals are washed into the soil. Natural fertilizers: Animal faeces and the decay of dead plants and animals return minerals to the soil. Artificial fertilizers: These contain a ready-made mixture of the minerals needed by plants. What are the sources of minerals in the soil? Why do farmers add fertilizers to their soil? Not enough minerals! : Not enough minerals! What happens if plants do not get enough minerals? Plants do not grow properly if they are deprived of minerals and begin to look unhealthy. If a plant does not get enough of a mineral it is said to have a mineral deficiency. Do mineral deficiencies affect a plant in the same way? Mineral deficiency – no nitrogen! : Mineral deficiency – no nitrogen! Nitrogen is used for making leaves and is probably the most important mineral for plant growth. What is the effect of nitrogen deficiency? lower leaves yellow and dead weak stem upper leaves pale green Mineral deficiency – no phosphorus! : Mineral deficiency – no phosphorus! Phosphorus is used for making roots and is important for all the other minerals used by plants. What is the effect of phosphorus deficiency? small roots purple leaves Mineral deficiency – no potassium! : Mineral deficiency – no potassium! Potassium is used for making flowers and fruit, so crops are given extra potassium before they start to fruit. What is the effect of potassium deficiency? poor flower and fruit growth yellow leaves with dead spots Mineral deficiency – no magnesium! : Mineral deficiency – no magnesium! Magnesium is used for making chlorophyll and so is vital for the process of photosynthesis. What is the effect of magnesium deficiency? upper leaves normal (leaves turn yellow from bottom upwards) lower leaves pale green or yellow Mineral deficiency experiment : Mineral deficiency experiment Plant and minerals summary : Plant and minerals summary Complete this table of plant mineral needs and deficiencies. making leaves making roots making flowers and fruits making chlorophyll stunted growth and yellow leaves poor roots and purple leaves yellow leaves with dead spots leaves turn yellow from the bottom Multiple-choice quiz : Multiple-choice quiz Pesticides : Pesticides Pests Weeds Herbicide Rats Pesticides Insects Fungicide Rodenticide Fungal growth Insecticide Which do you think is a helpful statement? : Which do you think is a helpful statement? Feedback which support the use of pesticides which don’t and the ones that aren’t sure. Slide 21: I feel that pesticides are far too dangerous for the environment Why do we have to use pesticides at all? I think it is dangerous to use pesticides. It is important that plants grow well so that farmers can make enough money to live I think farming is important for the economy and they should use pesticides. Money should be put into researching a pesticide that doesn’t affect the environment. Helen Dwayne Latia Dave Hardeep Tricia Copy and complete : Copy and complete Fertilisers which contain ___________ are essential to farming. Without them __________ would not grow and crop __________ would fall. Plants take ___________ out of the soil and they must be replaced. ___________ are soluble in water and dissolve when it rains.

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