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Published on May 12, 2014

Author: ahmed444


Film name: Results day Sound by: Dolby digital Director: Ahmed Hussein Co- director: Jake Duggan Production company: shark media Results day casting call

Main cast: Hooded killer: Jake Duggan Jack Johnson – jack angermayer Lamar David's- ahmed Mohammed Final girl – final girl Audition results The volunteers for the trailer out of many which stepped up we narrowed it down to the best actors for the roles as those who fit the characters types in the trailer as well as who looked the part. They were chosen due to this as many conventional features. This creates familiarity with the audience to identify the character types within the trailer

Jake Duggan was chosen to be the killer as we needed a killer who was mysterious and isolated which Jake fit in the role as the killer. The conventions also fit as the height and build of Jake links with conventions of slasher trailer as he is quite tall. He is also a young character which conveys eyes innocence however also isolation which can be used as killer material for Jake.

We chose Ahmed Mohammed aka Lamar David's to be part of the casting team as he fits the role of a teenage friend he also was chosen to be the character to be killed off first within the trailer as this reinforces ethnic stereotypes of black ethnic minorities to be killed first in slasher or horror movies. Due to this we are following this custom to follow conventions of slasher films

I chose jack angermayer aka jack Johnson to be featured within the cast of the film as he also fits conventions of a slasher or horror character type. He fits the role of a teenage friend within conventions this is because he is within the right age group for the role. He is also a main character within the film after the killer and will also be killed within the film

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