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Published on January 31, 2014

Author: Henry123456789


Planning Location: Kirkbymoorside Date/Time: 03/02/14 Equipment: Bridge camera (for what I want to do I will be able to use my own camera, if I need an SLR then I can borrow one from college) Experiment: My first experiment will be double exposure and I want to combine some landscape photos with some photos of the sky. I will be going round Kirkbymoorside and taking as many landscape and sky photos as I can. I want to create some slightly surreal images and hopefully I will be able to do that. I will need to time the photos so that it’s the right time of day because I would like the images to be quite light depending on how they look. I will put the camera into landscape mode because it is good for capturing images in wide-open spaces. I may have to change camera settings depending on where I am taking the images. I will then put the images into Photoshop to follow through with the procedure of creating a multiple exposure image. I would like to get a couple of sunset images as I think they will look quite good contrasting with other images. There are quite a few images out there that have this kind of theme throughout but I’m hoping these will stand out slightly.

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