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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: TinaHartnell


Planning for shoots 

What needs planning?  The planning for shoots is the requirements that are needed for are film opening.  Requirements are needed for the following:  Hair  Make-up  Costume  Props  Location

Hair  For the two young girls, we have decided to have their hair in 2 plaits. Taylor and Sophie will be doing both of the girls hair. A hair brush and hairspray will be needed during the filming incase of any hair falling out of place.  The female character will have messy hair as she would have just woke up. Tina will do her hair by back combing the hair and using hairspray.

Make-up  Taylor and Sophie will be doing the make-up for the two young girls. We are going to put on pale makeup on to make them look ghostly. They will also have dark eyes.  Tina will be will doing the makeup for the character in the bed. She will have smudged eye make up to show that she has been a sleep and is restless,

Costume  The costumes for the two girls are going to be long white dresses with black boots. We will gets the costumes from a Charity costume shop.  The woman in bed will be wearing pajamas. Tina will be providing the pajamas.

Props The props that we will needed are:  Dairy- The women character will use this is write her thoughts about the nightmare. Sophie will provide this  China Doll- The youngest girl will be holding the doll when she is on the swing. Taylor will provide this  Red pen- For the women to write in the dairy. Sophie will provide this  Glass of water- Next to the women in bed- Sophie will provide this  Sleeping pills(Paracetamol)- Next to the women in bed. Sophie will provide this,

Location Nightmare  Swing- This will already be at the location  Good whether- Dry  Dark Lighting- To create the mysterious atmosphere.  Empty- No people around Bedroom- this will be in Sophie’s house.  Bed- For the women to sleep in  Bedside table  Side lamp  Dark lighting- to show that it is nighttime and she is sleeping  Window- so that we can zoom into it to show where the women is in the house

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