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Published on March 2, 2014

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Blaine and Christine Bowman In Concert Gospel Baptist Tabernacle Saturday April 5, 2014 at 6:00 PM Everyone is invited for a free, wonderful evening of worship. 1

Prov 27:23-24 Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds, for riches are not forever,.... Bookkeeping Each family needs to keep up with personal business Keeping good records of how much you spend on various expenses. Know how much you have. Know how much you owe. March 2, 2014 2

Predict when things are going to wear out or need repairs. Plan for it. Save for it. Nothing lasts forever and nothing stays the same. Be prepared for a job layoff or reduced income; Life cycles Be prepared should business slow down. 3

Paying attention to these sorts of things can save you a lot of fires to have to put out. Financial Crises 4

Two types of management: Crisis management - where the problem is here and we have to fix it. Management thru planning where you know the problem is coming, and you plan and prepare for it. You have to set your lifestyle so that there is something left over. 5

You may already be in a financial crisis. You can try to get more income. Tighten up on spending. But you probably won’t be able to save long term for a while. Save for short term needs. Pay as many bills as you can as soon as you get the money; Don’t waste a dollar. Monthly check or weekly check; stretch it. 6

If you’re not in a crisis right now, get ready. Work hard, Plan and save, Don’t waste. Live on less than you make. Don’t live from payday to payday -- set aside some money for future needs. 7

Budgeting: A budget is the best way to handle your finances well. A budget is not a miracle; you can’t budget whatever you want. Be sensible and wise. Net Spendable Income (NSI): What you have left after taxes and tithes. Your budget must not total more than 100% of your NSI. Necessities first 8

A budget must include Current needs Short term Future needs Long term future needs You must include everything you will spend money on, in your budget. And the more detailed you make it, the better it will work. 9

Family Affair The whole family needs to know how much is budgeted, so they aren’t asking for things that aren’t in the budget. Housing = House payment or rent, home insurance, property taxes, lights, heat, water, maintenance Of NSI After taxes and tithes 10

Car expenses Maintenance and repairs 11

It’s a good idea to begin with tracking your expenditures, then move up to a budget. 12

Saving money is Profound truth Savings not as much fun as spending it. Our money fits into one of four categories: Current needs Short term future needs Long term future needs Giving or sharing 13

Short term future needs Things wear out or break down These things are not always due weekly or monthly, but they do come due. We should plan and save for them. 14

Long term future needs 15

After you have taken care of all the necessities, Set aside a small amount for recreation. If there is no money left for pleasure, be patient; life will improve as we obey God. Recreation doesn’t have to be expensive. 16

Facts to face! Only 100% Just because you write it down doesn’t mean you can afford it. Begin with Find the waste. 17

We face a truly long term future: eternity! Is your heart right with God? If you believe In the Name of Jesus 18

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