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Information about Planning

Published on January 12, 2014

Author: jordannethorpe



FLAT PLAN 1 With this flat plan I have laid the page out with the image being the main focal point taking up most of the room within the available space with the image : text ratio being high. Because the photograph will be taking up the whole of the canvas, it would be a good idea for me to source or create a striking image that will convey the correct message effectively since there will not be as much text in comparison to the image. At the top centre I will pace a tag line for the poster anchoring the image, the tagline will be short and punchy, drawing the audience in and making them curious as to what the poster is advertising. The poster will gradually lead the viewers eyes downwards where they will see the main image and then at the very bottom centre of the poster will be some information about the charity ie, contact details and what the charity does. To the lest and right of this information in each of the corners of the poster will be the charity logo and a QR code which leads the viewer to the charities official website.

FLAT PLAN 2 The image : text ratio within this flat plan is smaller than the last, there will be more text and information given on this poster and the main aim will be to convey as much information as possible to the viewer. The eye will start off at the top left corner of the page where there will be a small title informing the viewer as to what the poster is about, underneath this there will be some information about what the charity is about, who they help and what they wish to achieve with help from the public. Then the eye will be lead to a picture to the left hand side of the poster which will be either an image of a homeless person who the charity are wanting to help or a happy image of a person who the charity has already helped. Then below this in a larger text and bolder font will be a tagline along the lines of ‘Please help us’ and there will be some information provided as to how the viewer can donate to the charity, contact information will be provided as well as the official website address so that people will easily be able to find out more information on the charity if the wish to do so.

FLAT PLAN 3 This poster will have a very string bold tag line situated in the very centre of the canvas, with an image taking up all of the available space behind it which the text would be anchored to – the image would be a striking image of a homeless person who needs help off the charity and the public. The eye will be instantly drawn to the centre of the poster, then will see the charity’s logo in the top left corner which will be a bright colour in order to be highly visible. The charity’s contact information such as phone numbers and e-mail addresses etc. will be seen at in the bottom left corner of the poster keeping the layout of the canvas even and balanced to ensure that the message flows well from left to right throughout the poster. The fact that the focus point will be the very centre of the poster means that the impact will be greater than having the tagline towards the bottom, this is why it is very important that when developing my copy I should experiment with creating short, punchy sentences that will fit across the middle of the canvas.

FLAT PLAN 4 Within this poster the image : text ratio will be even, with one large photograph used in the background and two sections to the right hand side and the bottom of the canvas where the text will be situated. The image used could be a close up of a homeless person’s face (someone who needs the help of the charity), and because of the placement of the text the subject will situated to the left of the photograph in order to make sure that it is fully visible The visual direction of the poster will be a slightly circular motion, starting with the image to the left, going downwards to the first piece of text, then when read left to right the eye will be drawn upwards to the second piece of text and back to the main image again. I think that it would be a good idea if the text towards the left of the canvas was anchoring the image, for example there could be a small case study about the subject featured within the photograph, this means that the viewer will have a visual image to connect with the text.

FLAT PLAN 5 This page layout is very different to the others I have produced. Instead of having juts one main image I thought it would be more interesting for there to be almost a collage of photographs of either people who have been helped by the charity, or people who are in need of help from the charity. However because these images will be in the background of the canvas, the text situated in the middle of the poster will be the first point of interest for the viewer – the text will be very informative and either have a positive or negative feel to the language and message depending on the images in the background. Because there are so many images in the background the eye will not be drawn in one specific direction, but will be taken in multiple direction expanding outwards from the main text. I think that this would be a great idea as because the images will be smaller it means that the viewers will have to look closer at the advert to see the detail of each image, this means that they will spend longer looking at the poster and therefore the message could have a bigger impact on the audience.

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