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Published on October 16, 2013

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Peter Levesque, of the Institute for Knowledge Mobilization, presentation to the 2013 Plain Language International Association Conference in Vancouver, Canada, October 11, 2013

What is the Role of Plain Language ! in Knowledge Mobilization?! Peter Norman Levesque! President ! Institute for Knowledge Mobilization!   13-­‐10-­‐15   1  

Our Conversation Today! •  •  •  •  13-­‐10-­‐15   What is Knowledge Mobilization?! Why is it important?! The crucial role of Plain Language.! How to continue the conversation?! 2  

What is ! Knowledge Mobilization?! •  A shift in thinking! •  research production & dissemination to knowledge sharing, meaningmaking and greater use! •  A recognition that knowing ≠ doing ! •  A focus on complex systems! 13-­‐10-­‐15   3  

What is ! Knowledge Mobilization?! •  A term wrapped up in Jargon! •  90 different terms used! •  A system under construction! •  A promise of improvement with a short track record! 13-­‐10-­‐15   4  

Growth  of  the  Research  System   h8p://   2000   13-­‐10-­‐15   1945   5 5  

6   This  growth  shiKs  pa8erns  of  sharing   13-­‐10-­‐15   Passive  push     (unCl  1970s+)     Push  harder     (1990s+)     Partner  &  pull   (2000+)     •  DisseminaCon  via   tradiConal  journals,   conferences   •  Focus  on   implementaCon,  e.g.   performance  feedback   •  Linkage  &  exchange,  e.g.   joint  producCon   6  

7   Lots  of  smart  people  trying  to  improve  the   use  of  research  to  solve  difficult  problems   13-­‐10-­‐15   7  

Growing  recogniCon  that  success  will  mean   working  together  in  more  complex  ways   8   13-­‐10-­‐15   8  

Knowledge  MobilizaCon  is   •  Making  what  we  know  READY  to  be  put   into  SERVICE  and  ACTION  to  create  new   VALUE  and  BENEFITS.     •  MulCple  methods  for  mulCple  purposes   and  audiences   •  Includes  –  management,  transfer,   exchange,  translaCon,  implementaCon   13-­‐10-­‐15   9  

Knowledge  MobilizaCon  is  Value  CreaCon   Programs   Policies   PrioriCes   Processes   PracCce   InnovaCon     Suppor=ng   Infrastructure       IniCaCves   Value  Crea=on   Now  What:     Decisions,     DirecCons,  AcCons       So  What:     Meaning,     Analysis,  InterpretaCon   Products   PerspecCves   Procedures   PossibiliCes   People  Skills   Incen=ves  to     Share  between   Levels     What:  Data,  InformaCon,  DescripCon,  Stories     MULTIPLE  INPUTS  FROM  RESEARCH,  PRACTICE,  EXPERIENCE,  CULTURE   13-­‐10-­‐15     10  

Why is Knowledge ! Mobilization Important?! •  •  •  •  13-­‐10-­‐15   Growth of everything! Good decisions are hard! Lives are held in the balance! Tragedy of wasted resources! 11  

Do  we  have   data  overload   or  filter  failure?   13-­‐10-­‐15   12  

Access   New  Yorker:  John  Caldwell  2000 13-­‐10-­‐15   13  

Drowning  in  communicaCon?   •  Never  in  human  history  have  we  hunted  for  so  much   data,  informaCon  and  knowledge.   •  Never  in  human  history  have  we  gathered  so  much  that   is  useful  but  not  used.   •  Growing  feeling  of  being  overfed  with  data?   •  Data  becomes  informaCon  when  it  is  informaCve.   •  InformaCon  becomes  knowledge  when  we  use  &  learn.   13-­‐10-­‐15   14  

Why  now?   •  ProducCon   –  Every  day,  we  create  2.5  quinCllion  bytes  of  data  —   so  much  that  90%  of  the  data  in  the  world  today   has  been  created  in  the  last  two  years  alone.     –  This  data  comes  from  everywhere:  sensors  used  to   gather  climate  informaCon,  posts  to  social  media   sites,  digital  pictures  and  videos,  purchase   transacCon  records,  and  cell  phone  GPS  signals  to   name  a  few.     –  This  data  is  big  data.     h8p://www-­‐   13-­‐10-­‐15   15  

Over  –  ConsumpCon?     Email:  144  billion  email  per  day  worldwide.  (2012)   Websites:  624  million  (2012)   Users:  2.4  billion  (2012)   Mobile:  6.7  billion  mobile  subscripCons  (2012)   Twi8er:  175  million  tweets  daily  average  (2012)   Facebook:  1  billion  users  (2012)   Google:  1.2  trillion  searches  on  Google  (2012)   YouTube:  4  billion  hours/month  of  video  watched   (2012)   –  Youth:  spend  less  Cme  watching  TV  (60%)  and   more  Cme  online  (600%)   –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  13-­‐10-­‐15   16  

Impact   New  Yorker:  Sam  Gross  1991 13-­‐10-­‐15   17  

Richard  Heinberg  Quote    Taking  in  traumaCc   informaCon  and   transforming  it  into   life-­‐affirming  acCon   may  turn  out  to  be  the   most  advanced  and   meaningful  spiritual   pracCce  of  our  Cme.     h8p:// 13-­‐10-­‐15   18   18  

Knowledge  mobilizaCon     as  a  support  for  decision  making   Other   Factors  Experience   Judgement       EmoCons   Resources   ConCngency   PragmaCcs   Evidence   Values   Habits   Pressure   TradiCons   Groups   Lobbyists     13-­‐10-­‐15   Philip  Davies,  Is  Evidence-­‐Based  Government  Possible?   Jerry  Lee  Lecture  2004,  Washington,  DC 19  

The crucial role of ! Plain Language! •  The problems are complex! •  Solutions require multiple sources of knowledge! •  Specialized language creates barriers to accessing needed people! 13-­‐10-­‐15   20  

 Core  of  Value  CreaCon  is   ConversaCon   13-­‐10-­‐15   21  

Layman’s  Language   New  Yorker:  Dana  Fradon  1975 13-­‐10-­‐15   22  

4  Common  Obstacles  to  Research  Use:   1.  The  research  quesCon  is  not  perCnent  to  pracCce.   2.  The  research  is  not  Cmely.   3.  The  research  is  not  communicated  in  ways  relevant  to   users.   4.  Management  pressures  trump  the  use  of  research-­‐ based  evidence  in  decision-­‐making.      Source:  Allen,  P.  et  al  2007.    “Commissioning  research  that  is  used:  the  experience  of  the  NHS  Service  Delivery   and  OrganizaCon  Research  Development  Programme.”    Evidence  &  Policy,  3(1):  119-­‐134,  as  summarized  in   CHSRF’s  Insight  and  Ac5on,  Issue  13,  June  2007.   13-­‐10-­‐15   23   23  

We  need  to  be  creaCve:     In  order  to  create  the  “ideal”  future,  you  need  a  lot  of   ideas  from  which  to  choose  otherwise  the  future  tends   to  look  like  a  linear  extension  of  what  already  exists.     Or     If  you  want  to  know  what  the  future  is,     be  part  of  its  development.  (Peter  Drucker)   13-­‐10-­‐15   24  

Plain  Language  Summaries   h8p://   13-­‐10-­‐15   25   25  

Cochrane  CollaboraCon   h8p://   13-­‐10-­‐15   26   26  

GranCng  Councils   13-­‐10-­‐15   27   27  

How to continue ! the conversation?! •  Linking Plain Language and Knowledge Mobilization Efforts! •  Canadian Knowledge Mobilization Forum! •  Communities of Practice! 13-­‐10-­‐15   28  

Canadian  Knowledge  MobilizaCon  Forum   h8p://     Dates  set  for  2014  –  June  9  &  10  in  Saskatoon   Venues  selected  unCl  2020   13-­‐10-­‐15   29   29  

Knowledge  Transfer  and  Exchange   Community  of  PracCce   13-­‐10-­‐15   30   30  

Contact  informaCon              (613)  552-­‐2725          @peterlevesque      Fairmont  Chateau  Laurier    1  Rideau  Street,  Suite  700    O8awa,  ON,  K1N  8S7             13-­‐10-­‐15   31  

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