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Published on January 29, 2014

Author: NataschaThomson

Source: slideshare.net


A deck that provides a concise overview of current marketing trends and provides an introduction on getting started with your own (social media) marketing strategy.

Presented on January 27, 2014 to the PITME startup groups that made it into the mentor program. (PITME.com)

#PITME   (Social  Media)  Marke/ng     for  Startups     Natascha  Thomson   January  27,  2014   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential

How  Do  You  Get  To  Know  Somebody,   Virtually?     MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 2  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 3  

How  Do  You  Get  To  Know  Somebody,   Virtually?     MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 4  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 5  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 6  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 7  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 8  

Connec/ng  People  for  Business  Impact.   Natascha  Thomson   NaThomson@Marke6ngXLerator.com     @NaThomson   +1  (925)  519-­‐8111     Over  15  years  of  B2B  marke/ng  experience  in   Global  2000  and  startup  companies.     Customers  include  SAP,  EMC,  Matrix  Precise,     Cen6gon  Solu6ons,  EV  Technologies.   (SOCIAL  MEDIA)  MARKETING  CONSULTING  SERVICES   •  •  •  •  •  •  Strategy  Development   Channel  Op6miza6on   Integrated  Campaigns  (Organic  &  Paid)   ROI  Repor6ng   Training  (1:1  &  Workshops)   Blogging  /  Wri6ng   MarketingXLerator Accolades   •  A  Top  Marke6ng  Author  on  Twiaer Top  marke6ng  book  authors  on  Twiaer   •  A  Top  Webinar  on  BrightTalk Top  5  marke6ng  webinars  on  BrightTalk   •  A  Woman  in  Social  Media  who  Rocks 25  social  media  rock  stars   Cnfidential

    Your  Social  Media  Profile  =   Your  Virtual  Business  Card         MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 10  

1.  Marke6ng  Basics   2.  Social  Media  for  Promo6on   3.  Strategy  Planning   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 11  

MarketingXLerator Source:  hap://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marke6ng     Cnfidential

The 3 Marketing Pillars Brand   Portray:  Who  is  Your  Company?   n  Iden6ty   n  Promise/Differen6ator   Deliverables:   Crea6ve  Brief  For   n  Look  &  Feel   n  Style   n  Colors   n  Fonts   n  Pictures   Posi/oning  /  Message   Convince:  Why  does  it  ma_er?   n  Clear  understanding  of  target   audience  and  needs   n  Unique  Selling  Point   n  Differen6ators      n  Products  &  Services   Deliverables:   n  Copy   n  Assets     Promo/on   Impact:  How  do  You  get  Your   message  to  Your  audience?   n  Iden6fy  channels   ̶  ̶  n      n  Email   Social  Media   Define  tac6cs   ̶  ̶  Webinars   SEO   Create  Content  (Calendar)   ̶  Blogs   ̶  Videos     Deliverables:     -  -    Detailed  Plan   Execu6on   Awareness, Engagement, Conversion MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 13  

Do  Your  Homework:     Marke6ng  Plan  Template   I.          Execu6ve  Summary   II.      The  Challenge   III.      Situa/on  Analysis   –  –  –  –  –  –  Company  Analysis   Customer  Analysis   Compe6tor  Analysis   Collaborators   Climate   SWOT  Analysis   IV.    Market  Segmenta/on   V.      Marke/ng  Strategy   –  –  –  –  MarketingXLerator Product   Place   Price   Promo/on   Source:  Quick  MBA  or  Download  from  Slideshare   Cnfidential 14  

Source:  Danielle  Herzberg,  Hubspot   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 15  

  Push  Marke/ng  (Outbound)   vs.   Pull  Marke/ng  (Inbound)   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 16  

Today’s  B2B  Buyer   •  Used  to  instant  gra6fica6on   •  Expects  relevant  content  at  every  stage   •  On  average,  60%  through  sales  cycle  before  engaging  with   sales     Marketer  moves  buyer  through  buying  process,  not  sales.           Source:  The  New  Breed  of  B2B  Buyer   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 17  

Why  Social  Media?            EMC  Employee  Training  Video                       MarketingXLerator Source:  EMC  YT   Cnfidential 18  

5  Reasons  to  Be  on  Social  Media   1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  If  you  can’t  be  found,  you  don’t  exist   Be  where  your  audience  is   Reduce  risk:  Listen   Learn   Ask  ques6ons     MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 19  

 B2C  and  B2B  are  Different   MarketingXLerator Source:  Social  Media  Examiner:  Social  Media  Marke6ng  Industry  Report  2013   Cnfidential 20  

      Approximately  46%  of  online  users   count  on  social  media   when  making  a  purchase  decision.       Source:  Nielsen   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 21  

  85%  of  business  decision-­‐makers:     “At  least  one  social  media  channel  is  important     when  making  technology  purchase  decisions”.         Source:  Forrester   MarketingXLerator   Cnfidential 22  

hap://techcrunch.com/2014/01/21/instagram-­‐is-­‐the-­‐fastest-­‐growing-­‐social-­‐site-­‐ globally-­‐mobile-­‐devices-­‐rule-­‐over-­‐pcs-­‐for-­‐social-­‐access/?ncid=tcdaily   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 23  

Owned  vs.  Earned  vs.  Paid   •  Owned   –  Channels  you  “run”;  your  strategy   •  Earned  /  Organic     –  Channels  you  don’t  own  but  can   leverage,  e.g.  LinkedIn  Groups,  Blog   syndica6on,  comments  on  other’s   blogs.   •  Paid   –  Channels  you  don’t  own  &  have  to  pay   to  play  in.  E.g.  Forbes  advertorial,  LI  ad,   FB  promoted  story.   MarketingXLerator Source:  SmartInsights.com   Cnfidential

Social  Plaqorm  Focus  Areas   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Facebook:  B2C   LinkedIn:  B2B   Google+:  B2B   Slideshare:  B2B   Twiaer:  B2B   Pinterest:  B2C   Instagram:  B2C   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 25  

BLOGS     •  Fresh  Content  Helps   with  SEO   •  Builds  Thought   Leadership   •  Content  for  Social   Media     •  Enables  Calls  to   Ac6on     MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 26  

Good Content is the Best Recipe MarketingXLerator To  maximize  engagement  with  your  brand,   you  need  to  understand  what  informa6on   the  audience  wants  as  well  as  what  they  do   with  it  once  they  get  it.   Cnfidential 27  

Steps  to  a  (Social  Media)  Marke6ng   Strategy   1.  2.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  Define Your Brand & Core Messaging Set your objectives Know your target audience Identify the right “watering holes” Create tactics Execute (and experiment) Monitor & Fine-Tune MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 28  

“A  mediocre  strategy     well  executed  is  be:er     than  a  great  strategy     poorly  executed.”     Source:  HBR.org   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 29  

Social  Media  E6queae   1.  2.  3.  4.  Never  blatantly  pitch  your  company  or  product   Listen  to  “conversa6ons”  before  you  “talk”     Be  respecqul,  kind,  and  add  value   Imagine  your  posts  will  appear  on  the  front  page  of  the  NYTimes   (they  could)   5.  If  somebody  gets  “nasty”,  don’t  engage  in  an  online  argument.   Ideally,  try  to  work  it  out  “off-­‐line”.   6.  Don’t  men6on  religion,  race,  poli6cs,  sex     MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 30  

What  to  Measure:  Example   REACH   ENGAGE   ACT   (how  many  interac6ons?)   AWARENESS   Volume  (e.g.,  #  of  fans,   followers)   Interac6on  (e.g.,  #  of   retweets  or  shares)   INTERACTION   Volume  (e.g.,  #  of  visits  to   company  blog)   Interac6on  (e.g.,  #  of   comments  per  post)   Conversion  (e.g.,  #  of   downloads  of  solu6on   whitepaper)   Referral  (e.g.,    #  of  referrals   to  friends)   INTENT   Contact    (e.g.,  #  opt-­‐ins  for   newsleaer)   Depth  (e.g.,  #  of   click-­‐thru  on  2nd  level   links)   Conversion  (#  of  leads   generated)   Reten6on  (e.g.,  #  of  inquiries   from  installed  base)   MarketingXLerator (response  to  call  to  ac6on)   ADVOCATE  &  SHARE   (how  many    poten6al  eyeballs?)   (sa6sfac6on  and  loyalty)   Click-­‐Thru  (  e.g.,  click-­‐thru  on   Shares  (e.g.,    #  of  shares  or  #   bit.ly  links)   of  repeat  visits)   Cnfidential

Measure  &  Fine-­‐Tune   Cross-­‐Channel  Management  Tools   •  Google  Alerts  –    See  if  your  blog  or  ar6cle  gets  picked  up  by  Google   •  BuddyMedia  -­‐  to  schedule  updates  to  mul6ple  channels;  part  of  Salesforce  Mkgt  Cloud   •  Hootsuite  –  schedule  posts  from  mul6ple  channels  &  get  reports   •  BufferApp.com  –  schedule  your  updates  to  mul6ple  channels   Twi_er  Tools   •  Bit.ly  –  Clicks  on  URLs   •  Klout.com  -­‐  influencer  score   •  Crowdbooster  –  impressions,  RTs,  Men6ons,  Favorites  (for  fee)   •  Twitonomy.com  –  good  Twiaer  management  tools  for  unfollowing  &  stats     Facebook  Tools   •  See  admin  dashboard  “Insights”  (Likes,  Shares,  clicks  etc.)   LinkedIn  Tools   •  Number  of  interac6ons  with  posts  (likes,  shares,  comments;  manual  count)   •  Growth  of  membership   •  Dashboard  for  paid  content                       MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 32  

Video  by  Exact  Target  /  Salesforce.com   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 33  

Social  Media  Resources   MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 34  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential

Marke6ngXLerator.com   Natascha  Thomson   NaThomson@Marke6ngXLerator.com   @NaThomson   +1  (925)  519-­‐8111   Copyright  Marke6ngXLerator   MarketingXLerator All  Rights  Reserved   Cnfidential

Connec/ng  People  for  Business  Impact.   Natascha  Thomson   NaThomson@Marke6ngXLerator.com     @NaThomson   +1  (925)  519-­‐8111     Over  15  years  of  B2B  marke/ng  experience  in   Global  2000  and  startup  companies.     Customers  include  SAP,  EMC,  Matrix  Precise,     Cen6gon  Solu6ons,  EV  Technologies.   (SOCIAL  MEDIA)  MARKETING  CONSULTING  SERVICES   •  •  •  •  •  •  Strategy  Development   Channel  Op6miza6on   Integrated  Campaigns  (Organic  &  Paid)   ROI  Repor6ng   Training  (1:1  &  Workshops)   Blogging  /  Wri6ng   MarketingXLerator Accolades   •  A  Top  Marke6ng  Author  on  Twiaer Top  marke6ng  book  authors  on  Twiaer   •  A  Top  Webinar  on  BrightTalk Top  5  marke6ng  webinars  on  BrightTalk   •  A  Woman  in  Social  Media  who  Rocks 25  social  media  rock  stars   Cnfidential

Social  CRM   Engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. Paul Greenberg, Owner, The 56 Group MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 38  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 39  

MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 40  

        59%  of  Twi_er  users   have  visited  B2B  tech  brand  sites,     compared  to  40%   for  the  average  Internet  popula/on.     Source:  Compete  and  Twiaer     MarketingXLerator Cnfidential 41  

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