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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: JimmyF

Source: slideshare.net


Learn how to structure your presentation so that your story is clear, visually appealing and persuasive. We’ll look at what elements are basic when pitching to an investor, potential sponsor and business partners.

What we’ll talk about:

• Goal, begin at the end to know where to start.

• Enthusiasm, love it like your life depended on it.

• Outlining, before PowerPoint, Word.

• Narrative, laying out your story.

• Visuals, avoiding death-by-powerpoint.

• Investment, staying away from vanity.

• CTA, ending with a bang and countdown.

• Execution, trust the pitch-not yourself.

• Iteration, pitching to iron out the kinks.

Getting a meeting is a win, but your pitch is the deal closer or breaker. With the volume of pitches investors and business partners listen to, it’s more important than ever to respect their time and present like a pro.

Pitching & Presenting

Intangibles Love what you’re pitching, your giving it your life.

Intangibles • Don’t be needy. • Don’t be late. • Establish a max pitch time + Q/A time • Don’t let yourself be derailed

Narrative Laying out your pitch so you’re understood.

Narrative • Link events to create intrigue and desire to hear what’s next. • Keep it as simple as your audience. • Human focused story, not product, technology or economy. • Short enough to justify curiosity in your CTA and get you another meeting.

Metrics Vanity metrics, the sign of the noob.

Metrics • Subscribers, fans, likes = bullshit. • CAC + LTV • When in doubt, social proof.

Visuals Vanity metrics, the sign of the noob.

Visuals • Avoiding death-by-powerpoint.

Goal Begin at the end to know how to get your audience there.

Goal • Customers? Partners? Money? Press?

Call To Action Ending with a clear “next step to take”.

Call To Action • What do you want your audience to do next? • How much time do they have to act?

Content Before opening PowerPoint, open Word.

Content – Your Intro • Who are you and what’s your credibility? – Keep it short. – 1 “big bang” statement and move on to your pitch.

Content – Elements 1. Why now? 2. Problem 3. Market 4. Solution 5. Customers 6. Revenue 7. Competition 8. Competitive advantages 9. Team 10.Call to action

Content – Why now? • What recent changes in economic, social and technological forces make your idea awesome? • How does the world change after your idea is implemented?

Content – Problem • What’s the “dagger in the side” of your customers? • Regardless of solution, it’s what’ll make your audience care. • Potentially adds unarguable context to make everything you say defendable.

Content – Market • Where do you start and how big can you scale?

Content – Solution • What’s the product/service you’re creating?

Content – Customers • How do you get, maintain and grow them? – Demonstrate you know them well. – Customer acquisition cost – Lifetime value

Content – Revenue • How do you make money?

Content – Competition • How easy for them to do the same? • How easy for customers to switch?

Content – Comp. Advantages • Technological • Economic • Human • Partners • Marketing

Content – Team • Founding Team • Advisors

Content – CTA • What do you want from the audience? • How much time are you giving them to decide?

Content – Elements 1. Why now? 2. Problem 3. Market 4. Solution 5. Customers 6. Revenue 7. Competition 8. Competitive advantages 9. Team 10.Call to action

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Execution Trust the pitch, not yourself.

Execution • Can I see your pitch slides and understand it without you?

Edit Pitch often to iron out the kinks.

Edit • Are you working on the same pitch over an over? • “If I would have had more time I would have written a shorter book.”

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