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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: elanabowman1



Pinterest basics, hints and tips, and advice for beginners. This slide includes how to join Pinterest and how to use.

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an online pinboard (noticeboard) Content shared on Pinterest is driven entirely by images. You can’t share something on Pinterest unless an image is involved. Each board mimics a real-life pinboard (noticeboard/ vision board). Pinterest Social Media for Beginners - Since 2009 © 2014 Elana Bowman – Social Status

This is a vision board or noticeboard

These are different pins on Pinterest

3 Ways to use Pinterest Pinterest Social Media for Beginners - Since 2009

1. You can use it as your own virtual, organised bulletin board to store any visual idea that you want to use as a reference later. (recipes, books, gardening tools, gift ideas, etc.) - You can share images you find online, or you can directly upload images onto Pinterest.

2. You can use Pinterest as a source to find new ideas. As a Pinterest user (once you have created an account), you’ll be able to see what other people or what the people you follow pin. This can really help you discover things you never would have thought of!

3. You can search Pinterest to find things such as the latest bestseller. You can use it to share great content with your followers (people who follow you). Any of your followers get to see what you pin, so it’s a great way to share things you like.

WHY use Pinterest? • Save things/ideas or content to read or use later • Put together a party, wedding, event, or resources • Plan for next adventure (holiday) • Save books you want to read (movies you want to watch, sites you wish to visit, things you want to do, etc.) • Put together a memory board (places you love, things you love to do, anything which inspires you!) • Share information, resources, or content with others (brand or business marketing) • Collect, share, and save ANYTHING you love!

THE BASICS What’s a Pin? Set up boards Collect/Add Pins on boards Follow boards you love Search for pins (either Pinterest or elsewhere) See fresh Pins in your home feed Be social! Like people’s pin, comment on pins, and (after rechecking, Pin! Add a pin it button - https:// Pinterest Basics

PINTEREST ETIQUETTE Pinterest etiquette by Laura Rabushka -

Pinterest etiquette • Pin from the original source, whenever possible (ALWAYS credit your sources – blog posts, images, any content you find online – including your own!) • Pin to the permalink - which is the direct link (of the blog or site) • Don’t pin from a Google images search. (Someone else has to search for and find the original source – very frustrating!) • Organise your boards (your boards and pins have to make sense) • Don’t overpin; 40 in one day – then nothing in 2/3 weeks! • Build trust and be social! – follow other people, repin their pins (after checking) • Make sure the images are clear! And the content belongs to the correct board

Spam! • Remember that there is spam on Pinterest (either pins or people) • Check everything before clicking on or pinning – make sure your anti-virus software is up to date! • Keep your account secure - • If need be you can block and report a pin or person -

The Lingo: • When you share something on Pinterest, each bookmark is called a pin. • When you share someone else’s pin on Pinterest, it’s called a repin. • You group pins together by topic onto various boards or pinboards in your profile. .

Join Pinterest Step 1: Join Pinterest. •It will ask you to join by connecting with Facebook or Twitter, but a third option lets you sign up using your email address. •My advice is to signing up with just your email address. You'll be asked a few more questions such as your gender since that info isn't imported from an existing social media account. •Upload a profile photo and proceed. •You will need a username, an email address and a password!

Find and Follow Step 2: •Once you have an account, you'll need to find some boards to fill your feed. •Pinterest gets you started by suggesting some pins. •Select a category from the list such as Design, Geek, Science & Nature, and Technology among others, and then check at least five boards to continue.

Verify your account (confirm your account) Step 3: •Verify Your Account •After selecting some boards you'll receive an email confirmation. Once you have confirmed your account, the next screen you'll see is your home feed, which features the most recent pins from people you follow. The more users or boards you follow, the more content (pins) you will have on your home feed.

Change your settings Step 4: •Adjust Settings - https:// Now is a good time to adjust your settings. •Mouse over the drop-down menu in the upper right- hand corner with your picture and click Settings. •Here you can update basic information, opt out of email notifications, and connect to your Facebook or Twitter account (if you wish).

Set up Boards Step 5: •Set up Boards (group pins together by topic). •You can set up as many boards as you like. In the beginning perhaps 3 – 5 boards to start. •Think of the names of the/a board and the content (or pins) you wish to add – so that other people can find your boards. •If you are funny or quirky they can be funny and quirky names. Boards can be educational, informative, fun, funny, unusual, and can also reflect your individual style, tastes, interests, future plans, an upcoming holiday, home renovating, etc – the options are limited! •However, try to make your boards specific because people are searching on Pinterest for content and you want to ensure they find your pins! Some ideas: Books I love, Garden tools, Computer Basics, beach wedding 2015, perfect brunches.

Describe your boards • You can have a description on each of your boards – so when people find your board – they have an idea of what to expect (or find!) • Books I love – these are the books I gave 4/5 stars on goodreads • Garden tools – I love to garden. These are the easiest and most useful tools I could find • Computer Basics – computer tools, technology, and tips from a certified computer trainer • Beach wedding 2015 – I’m getting married in 2015 – planning a beach wedding • Perfect brunches - Quick, and easy brunch ideas including sides, mains, and juices and the best brunch locations, reviews, places, settings, and colours. • These will be your five basic boards to start and then you can add more boards depending on what you want to pin.

Secret board • A secret board is only visible to you and to anyone you invite to it. • When you add a Pin to a secret board, it won’t show up anywhere else on Pinterest – not in the category sections, anyone’s search results, your followers’ home feed, your own home feed, or even Pins or activity pages on your profile. • Your secret boards are at the bottom of your profile. Just scroll down to see them -

Start pinning (using perfect brunches board as an example!) 1.Search for pins in the search bar using key words e.g. brunches, breakfast, best brunches, brunch etc. 2. Search the web – best brunches, brunch ideas, brunch tips, etc. 3. If I find a great article, review or image such as BBC food good brunch recipes – I then check the content (went to the web page, read the content, and checked the page) 4. Then copy the link (by going to the address bar) 5. Then click on add button, paste the link and choose the image (which came up and I wanted to use) and then add a description. (sometimes the description is already there, feel free to edit it) 6. Then choose the perfect brunches board and pinned it! (Always make sure you are choosing the correct board!) 7. If you are planning on pinning a lot install a Pin Button onto your web browser -

Find pictures, click on links to check and read. Save/copy the link and then pin with a brief description Find pictures (either by searching in Pinterest or on the web), click on links to check and read. Save/copy the link and then pin with a brief description

This is example of a pin board – once the content is checked and copied/pasted from search engine sites or Pinterest itself

The reason why you want to search for pins in Pinterest • When you search for pins, you can find relevant people (or businesses or brands) to follow. • You can also find content on ANYTHING you like. • It’s a great tool for finding information, or images. Or for tips and advice. Or for something new to learn. • Before you pin images. have a look at the person, their bio, what they are pinning, what descriptions they are using, etc. If in doubt … don’t click • If all is well, CHECK the pins by clicking on the images – because some people do not send the image to the correct site and some people do not cite original sources. • Remember to also pin from elsewhere – so you can show your individual tastes and likes (rather than just repinning from the site itself)

So if you want to start pinning: Here are some basic tips: 1. If the image does not belong to you, then follow the Pinterest guidelines and link back to the original source. 2. If we're following your “Computer Basics" board, we just want to see images of computers, tools, tips, etc. – please don’t pin a whole lot of random things on the board which have no connection to name or description. 3. Pinterest has its fair share of spam. You might spot a spammer by the large amount of pins posted, or by how none of their pictures link to relevant content. Pinterest suggests you report these unpin-worthy accounts – here is how https://

Tips: • Google has a great database of images, but don't pin from the search engine's website. Take the time to do the extra click or two and find the original source of the photo/the writer of the content. This way credit can be given to the owner of the image when it's reposted on Pinterest. • Don’t pins hundreds of things in one hour – might be a bit overwhelming (for people who follow you!) – but how much you pin is really up to you! • Tell us a little bit – give us a description on each pin and keep it brief – one sentence to one paragraph at the most! • Only follow people you like and want to follow – it’s not a numbers game. Find people or boards you love and find value from (don’t forget to check everything before you pin though!) • For a whole list of tips -

Some examples • Library love – this is a group board, a range pf people are adding pins to this board - • Tech Tips and Tricks by Cool Mom Tech =- • Penguin English library - • My favourite – trees that look like broccoli - broccoli-/ • Computer and Internet Basics for Seniors (older people) - for-seniors-older-peo/ • And George Takei - • Check out the Pinterest blog for their news, reviews and Pinterest picks -

Pinterest picks • This will give you an idea of what’s popular and what most people are doing on Pinterest - picks-weekly-roundup-02-21-14 • Click on the popular button to find the most ‘popular’ pins especially if you are a beginner to see what people like, click on, comment on, and repin – (please note that some pins are NSFW (not safe for work) and may be inappropriate -

ANY QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact me for social media training (or advice) © 2014 Elana Bowman – Social Status

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