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Information about Pings vs. Trackbacks

Published on May 13, 2008

Author: nextsteph


Slide 1: Take your website to the next STEPH. Pings vs. Trackbacks Slide 2: Take your website to the next STEPH. Post a blog: . Blog A creates a blog post and links to another blog (Blog B) in Blog A’s post. Blog A Slide 3: Take your website to the next STEPH. What is a Ping . Blog B gets notified that Blog A is linking to Blog B’s post. The notification is a Ping. Blog B Slide 4: Take your website to the next STEPH. What is a Trackback . If the blog has the capability, Blog B then decides if theywould like to include what Blog A has posted. Blog B Slide 5: Take your website to the next STEPH. What is a Trackback . When Blog B includes what Blog A has posted, then itbecomes a trackback. Blog B Slide 6: Take your website to the next STEPH. To summarize: . Blog A Blog B Ping Slide 7: Take your website to the next STEPH. To summarize: . Blog A Blog B Ping Trackback Slide 8: Take your website to the next STEPH. 866-540-2049

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