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Information about pillcam

Published on November 21, 2010

Author: shamimanazim

Source: authorstream.com

PILL CAMERA : PILL CAMERA SHAMIMA.N.R S7 CS #59 Slide 2: A PILL WITH A VIEW CONTENTS : CONTENTS INTRODUCTION CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY PILL CAMERA PILLCAM PLATFORM COMPONENTS PILLCAM PROCEDURE ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES APPLICATIONS FUTURE SCOPE CONCLUSION REFERENCE INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION Aim of technology is to manufacture products at molecular level. Achieved by NANOTECHNOLOGY. One such product is PILL CAMERA. A vitamin pill-sized, swallowable camera. Capture images of inside body. Technique is CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY. Study on captured images by the experts. Approved by European Medicines Agency . CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY : CAPSULE ENDOSCOPY Novel noninvasive technology. Provide diagnostic imaging. Simple and safe. Good quality images. Detect evidence of diseases that traditional endoscopy cannot. Diagnosis of diseases of small bowel. Lately, for esophageal & colonic diseases. PILL CAMERA : PILL CAMERA Recent development of Nanotechnology. ‘Camera in a Pill’. Size of a Capsule. Shape of a Pill. Capsule Camera. Tiny camera. Once it is swallowed, takes pictures . Proximal and distal portions of gastrointestinal tract are visible. SPECIFICATIONS : SPECIFICATIONS Picture of a capsule Six LEDs & Camera Lens. SPECIFICATIONS : SPECIFICATIONS Diameter 11mm. Length 26mm. Less than 4gm. Bullet Shape. Silver oxide button batteries. Biocompatible material. FEATURES : FEATURES Takes 2 images per second. 50,000 images are obtained during an 8 hour exam. Magnification:8x. Coating is non-adherent. Disposable. INTERNAL VIEW : INTERNAL VIEW It has 8 parts. Optical dome. Lens Holder. Lens. Illuminating LEDs. CMOS image sensor. Battery. ASIC transmitter. Antennae. 1.OPTICAL DOME : 1.OPTICAL DOME Front part of the capsule. Bullet shaped. Light Receiving Window. Non conductor material. Harmless. Easy orientation. Prevent infiltration of digestive fluids inside the capsule. Easy propelling. 2.LENS HOLDER : 2.LENS HOLDER Accommodates the lens. Lens is tightly fixed. Avoids dislocation of lens. 3.LENS : 3.LENS Integral component. Behind Light Receiving Window. Light through window falls on the lens. 4.ILLUMINATING LEDs : 4.ILLUMINATING LEDs Illuminate an object. Non-reflection coating on the Light Receiving window. Light irradiated from the LED’s pass through the Light Receiving Window. 5.CMOS IMAGE SENSOR : 5.CMOS IMAGE SENSOR 140º field of view. Detect objects as small as 0.1mm. Precise. Detect a Polyp, traditional endoscope can’t do. 5.CMOS IMAGE SENSOR : 5.CMOS IMAGE SENSOR PIXEL ARRAY OSCILLATING CIRCUIT CURRENT LIMITING CIRCUIT CONTROL CIRCUIT CODING CIRCUIT SWITCHING CIRCUIT READ CIRCUIT 6.BATTERY : 6.BATTERY Button shaped & 2 in number. Silver oxide primary batteries. Even discharge voltage. Disposable. Harmless. 7.ASIC TRANSMITTER : 7.ASIC TRANSMITTER Application Specific Integrated Circuit. Behind the batteries. 2 transmitting electrodes are connected to it. Electrodes are electrically isolated. 8.ANTENNAE : 8.ANTENNAE Dome is harmless. Parylene coated onto polyethylene or polypropylene is used. Receives data from ASIC transmitter. Send to Data Recorder. PILLCAM PLATFORM COMPONENTS : PILLCAM PLATFORM COMPONENTS 1. Pill Cam Capsule – SB or ESO. 2. Sensor Array Belt. 3. Data Recorder. 4. Real Time Viewer. 5. Workstation and RAPID Software. PILLCAM PROCEDURE : PILLCAM PROCEDURE Fasting for 10-12 hours. No iron pills for 5 days. 8 skin antennas connected to hard drive, are taped to the patient’s anterior abdominal wall. Swallow the capsule with few sips of water. Capsule moves by peristalsis. Patient can leave the center. After 7-8 hrs, the patient must returns. Collect images from Data Recorder and examine it. PROCEDURE : PROCEDURE Swallowing a Pill. PROCEDURE : PROCEDURE 1. Camera takes pictures after the removal of the capsule. 2. Transmit by means of RF to the Sensor Array. 3. Then to Data Recorder. 4. Real Time Viewer. 5. Recorded data are downloaded to the computer. 6. Use the RAPID software. 7.Excretes capsule within 24-48 hrs. DEMO : DEMO DATA RECORDER COMPUTER Movement Of Capsule Through The Digestive System Data Acquisition & Storage Of Data On Computer 1.PILLCAM CAPSULE : 1.PILLCAM CAPSULE PILLCAM SB Approved by FDA. For small bowel. Std Lighting control. One sided imaging. 2 images per second. 50,000 images in 8 hrs. Pillcam SB 2-improved optics-cleared by FDA. PILLCAM ESO Approved by FDA. For esophagus. Automatic Light control. Two sided photography. 14 images per second. 2,600 images in 20 minutes. Pillcam ESO 2-wider view-cleared by FDA. 2.SENSOR ARRAY BELT : 2.SENSOR ARRAY BELT Worn around the patient’s waist over clothing. Sensors are incorporated within the belt. Sensor array belt with Data Receiver. PARTS OF SENSOR ARRAY : PARTS OF SENSOR ARRAY Sensor Pads. Data Cable. Battery charger. Receiver Bag. 3.DATA RECORDER : 3.DATA RECORDER Small portable Recording device. Placed in the Recorder pouch. Attached to the Sensor Belt. Lightweight-470gm. Integrated Battery. Data Recorder mounted on belt pack and tied to the patient’s waist. 4.REAL TIME VIEWER : 4.REAL TIME VIEWER Handheld device. Enables Real-Time viewing. Contains RAPID Reader software. Colour LCD monitor. Test the proper functioning before procedure. Confirms location of capsule. Exam efficiency. 5.WORKSTATION &RAPID SOFTWARE : 5.WORKSTATION &RAPID SOFTWARE Enables efficient Capsule Endoscopy. Review & Analysis. RAPID 6. RAPID 6 Access. RAPID 6 Reader. ENDOCAPSULE SOFTWARE : ENDOCAPSULE SOFTWARE MIROVIEW SOFTWARE : MIROVIEW SOFTWARE IMAGES : IMAGES Healthy Small Bowel Crohn’s disease Capsule in Small Bowel ADVANTAGES : ADVANTAGES Painless, no side effects . Miniature size. Accurate, precise (view of 150º). High quality images. Harmless material. Simple procedure. High sensitivity & specificity. Avoids risk in sedation and radiation. Efficient than X-ray, CT-scan, normal endoscopy. DISADVANTAGES : DISADVANTAGES Gastrointestinal obstructions prevent the free flow of capsule. Patients with pacemakers, pregnant women face difficulties. Not a replacement for colonoscopy. Very expensive. Not reusable. Surgical removal for capsule obstruction. Batteries may not last long. APPLICATIONS : APPLICATIONS Biggest impact in the medical industry. Nanorobots perform delicate surgeries. Pillcam ESO can detect Esophageal diseases. Gastro esophageal reflux disease. Barrett’s esophagus. Pillcam SB can detect Crohn’s disease. Small Bowel Tumors. Small Bowel injury. Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis, etc. FUTURE SCOPE : FUTURE SCOPE Capsule with a laser. Zooming & Auto Focus. Restorative Surgery & Pharmacological Intervention. Reduction in size. Cost effective. Longer Battery life. Telemetric capacities. SAYAKA-Battery free Endoscopic Capsule. CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION Endoscopy Capsule is the pioneering concept in the medical technology. Great help to the Physicians. Nanotechnology has the power to revolutionize the world of production. REFERENCE : REFERENCE www.scribd.com www.authorstream.com www.givenimaging.com www.olympus-europa.com/endoscopy www.intromedic.com www.rfamerica.com/sayaka www.wikipedia.org

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