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Published on January 28, 2008

Author: Demetrio

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European Space Exploration Programme:  European Space Exploration Programme MoonMars Workshop Vancouver, October 3rd 2004 Piero Messina – piero.messina@esa.int Slide2:  Europe and Space Canada participates in some projects as an Associate State; Greece and Luxembourg are in the process of joining ESA Slide3:  Europe and Space 01/2002 - 9 ESA world locations ESTEC (Noordwijk) Kiruna Redu EAC Cologne ESOC (Darmstadt) ESRIN (Frascati) Fucino Perth Moscow Malindi Maspalomas Kourou CDN Washington Houston Brussels ESA Paris Toulouse Villafranca Natal Libreville Ascension ESA world locations Slide4:  Europe and Space 01/2002 - 9 01/2004 - 15 Budgets for 2004, break-down by Programmes General Budget - 7%, 185.78 ME Associated to General Bugget 5%, 133.13 ME Space Science - 14%, 370 ME Earth Observation 12%, 322.77 ME Telecommunications 7%, 194.37 ME Navigation - 12%, 336.41 ME Microgravity - 3%, 78.94 ME Human Space Flight 16%, 421.11 ME Launchers - 17%, 458.26 ME Financed by third parties 5%, 131.55 ME Technology - 2%, 66 ME ME : Million of Euro Slide5:  Europe and Space 01/2002 - 9 01/2004 - 15 TOTAL DES CONTRIBUTIONS des Etats membres aux programmes obligatoires et facultatifs de l’ESA Member States' contributions to ESA's Mandatory programmes calculated on the basis of their GNP Slide6:  Europe and Space 01/2002 - 9 01/2004 - 15 10/2003 - 4 All Member States participate in activities and a common set of programmes related to Space Science mandatory Programme. Human space flight In addition, Members States chose the level of participation in optional programmes: Microgravity research Earth observation Telecommunications Satellite navigation Launcher development Slide7:  Europe and Space Space exploration is inherent to ESA’s mandate and activities. Several missions had the objective to explore and unveil our Solar System’s secrets 10/2003 - 29 Rosetta Mars Express Venus Express SMART - 1 Cassini / Huygens Slide8:  Europe and Space 10/2003 - 29 Europe is also a Partner of the International Space Station and has its own Astronaut corps 10/2003 - 40 ESA’S COLUMBUS LABORATORY Slide9:  Late 2000 a reflection was launched on Europe’s role in the future exploration of our Solar system and on possible destinations for robotic and human exploration; survey was conducted to which over 300 scientists replied from all over Europe; Further consultation with industry (incl. SME’s), academia and national instances; ESA Council at Ministerial level endorsed in November 2001 the preparatory activities for an Exploration Programme (“Aurora”) Towards an European Framework for Exploration Slide10:  Aurora Programme Roadmap Slide11:  On January 14, 2004 President George W. Bush set a new space exploration agenda for the U.S. and suggested that this should be done with international participation; no useful feedback from some European missions to Mars (either du to failure or cancellation) Establishment of a European Space Programme A changing context Slide12:  A balanced European Space Programme is made up of the following elements: basic / enabling utilitarian inspirational Space Exploration and the European Space Policy Slide13:  The long-term vision as currently under definition by ESA for solar-system exploration will have to be taken into account and properly supported. EC “White Paper” Space: a new European frontier for an expanding Union Slide14:  Knowledge Innovation & Competitiveness Inspiration Identity Global security Space Exploration: Some of Europe’s main drivers Slide15:  Follow on of the Aurora Preparatory phase; Supported by an Exploration Programme Advisory Committee and a Board of Participants… …these today are: A, B, CH, E, F, I, NL, P, UK and Canada The European Space Exploration Programme Slide16:  Part of a global undertaking Robustness Flexibility In its Preparatory Phase Aiming at understanding the whole picture and to develop “building blocks” Features of the European Space Exploration Programme Slide17:  Build on experience acquired by Europe in robotic exploration and LEO human flights; Main destinations are the moon and Mars; Combination of ground based activities, technology development, robotic and human missions; Content of the European Space Exploration Programme Slide18:  Europe’s view is based on a strong, balanced international cooperation as enabler of robotic and human exploration of the moon and Mars; US new vision is a new positive element; other Partners are to be considered; each Partner will make best use of its capabilities and expertise International Cooperation Slide19:  Development of scenarios and of a roadmap; Technology validation missions (EDLS, EVD); Early Robotic missions (ExoMars, MSR); Improving Human spaceflight capabilities (incl.life support, operations and training etc.); Other Enabling technologies Elements of the Preparatory Activities of European Space Exploration Programme Slide20:  - Due to be launched in 2009; Orbiter and a Descent module delivering a rover; 40 kg. Exobiology payload (“Pasteur”); Parallel studies are being conducted Early Robotic Missions ExoMars (1/2) Slide21:  Scientific Objectives: Search for signs of past and present life; Identification and characterisation of potential hazards to humans; Enhancement of the knowledge of the Martian environment. Early Robotic Missions ExoMars (2/2) Slide22:  - Due to be launched in 2011/2013; Two composite S/c: first an Orbiter and a Re-entry Capsule, then a DM/MAV; a candidate for international cooperation Parallel Ph.A studies are being conducted Early Robotic Missions Mars Sample Return (1/2) Slide23:  Objectives: Mars ascent vehicle validation; Forward and backward planetary protection; Operational aspects of a round trip to Mars; Early Robotic Missions Mars Sample Return (2/2) Slide24:  - an intermediate important step on the long journey to Mars; test bed for key technologies and rehearsal missions; platform for science ISRU The Moon Slide25:  Human Missions to the Moon will validate the Transfer Habitation Module, EVA, Operations, Earth Re-entry and Crew Performance. The Moon Slide26:  A long journey… The first human mission to Mars is foreseen no early than 2033; This will require extensive technological advancement in areas like life support systems, effects of radiation and shielding; medical and physiological aspects, psychological reactions Slide27:  - still much more to know on martian environment and its hazards to humans; robots will help us fill the knowledge gap and pave the way for safe exploration; only humans, however, can achieve proper exploration. Final destination: Mars Slide28:  In conclusion… A great achievement of XX century… …we are preparing to contribute to a great achievement of XXI century Thank you !:  Thank you !

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