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Published on September 27, 2020

Author: laurakaychap

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Picture Prompts: Picture Prompts Laura Hassell , BSN, RN School of Nursing, University of North Carolina Wilmington NSG 525: Foundations and Evidence-Based Practices for Nursing Education Distance Learning September 27, 2020 Instructions: Instructions The following three slides contain photos of hospital rooms. Identify missing seizure precautions from each photo. Consider what changes could be made to create a safer environment for a patient at-risk for experiencing a seizure. Post your findings and suggestions for improvement for each of the three photos to the discussion board. Slide3: Photo #1 (Kiser, 2018) Slide4: Photo #2 (UA Phoenix IM Residency, 2018) Slide5: Photo #3 ( Syrek , 2019) References: References Kiser, A. (2018). Mannequin breathes more life into medical training. https://www.montrosepress.com/news/mannequin-breathes-more-life-into-medical-training/article_0fd0d13a-7118-11e8-99e0-d3b99a9b5f8c.html Syrek , R. (2019). Step inside the patient safety horror room. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/908168 UA Phoenix IM Residency. (2018). Room of horrors! https://twitter.com/UAPhxIM/status/1035346712414449664

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