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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: MartinStrycek

Source: slideshare.net


Lessons learned when changing our mindset from batch processing to real-time processing of unbound stream of data.

nearly three years of continuous changes of approach to data gathering and processing (Martin Strycek, Juraj Sottnik) @rubyslava 2014

We better get it right first time!

Starting point ● we had two developers ● we had one live server ● we had one cold backup ● we can’t store all the data ● we can’t process all the data

Batch processing - the downsides ● batch every 3 hours ○ delete old data ● updating counters ○ you need to define them upfront ● throwing away old data ○ developer point of view ■ you have no way to correct your mistake ○ business ■ you lose your data

Batch processing - the benefits ● you will learn ○ profiler is your best friend ○ optimizing can be hard and can take time ● what are good access logs good for ○ reconstruct your deleted data

Business says: save all data

Big Data ● It’s not only about the volume ● What we gonna do with it? ○ We had NO idea! ● We rent more servers. ○ We needed place where to store the data

Big Data ● We went the NoSQL way ○ MongoDB ■ easy replication, possible sharding ■ upsert ■ rich document based queries - we still were one foot in the SQL world ■ fast prototype ● We were still doing batch processing ● ~15m impressions per day ending with ~5GB raw data per day

Big Data ● each day as collection ○ easy for batch processing ● each impression as a document ● adding processed parameters over time ● pulling data from 30 collections ○ server is not responding ○ virtual memory is low

Big Data - analytics ● Visitors counts on website/section ○ active - with subscription ○ inactive - without subscription ○ anonymous ● Content consumption ○ how many pageviews ■ active ■ inactive ■ anonymouse ● and others

Business asks: how many UNIQUE users did … in month

What we really need ● COUNT(* || DISTINCT ...) GROUP BY ○ entities ○ date periods (day, week, month) ○ combination of entities and date periods [and some other flags] ● Special demands from analytics team ○ Not too hard to implement with SQL magic ● As fast as possible ○ Minimally as fast as data are incoming ● Still store all historical raw data ○ Ideally compressed

What to do ● Processing raw data? ○ Use lot of space, before getting result ■ We need to store historical data anyway ■ You can store compressed files (LZO) in Hadoop ● Sharding ○ For how long? ○ How to properly determine sharding key(s)? ● Do you have really big amount of data? ● Do you have hardware for running Hadoop? Really? ● What overnight batch processing really means?

Naive solution ● Separate counter for each needed combination, updated for each impression, maybe with touching DB ○ Fast to generate unique key for combination ■ md5([entityType, entityId, day, dayId].join("|")) ○ Really fast to get value ■ Always primary key ■ Multiget ○ Need to define all GROUP BY combinations on beginning ○ Failure during processing one impression ■ Need to increment counters in transaction

Real world solution ● Kafka ○ Buffering incoming data ○ Web workers as producers ● Storm / Trident ○ Consuming data from Kafka ○ Processing incoming data ○ Using cassandra as storage backend ● Cassandra ○ Holding counters and helper informations to determine uniquity

Storm ● Real time processing of unbounded streams of data ○ Processing data as they come ○ You still need to have computing power ○ Need to transform COUNT(* || DISTINCT ...) GROUP BY everything to steps of updates of counters ○ Java, but bolts can be written in different languages

Storm ● Spouts ● Bolts

Trident ● High level abstraction over Storm ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ Joins Aggregations Grouping Filtering Functions

Trident ● Operating in transactions ● Persistent aggregation ○ “Memcached” ○ Cassandra ● DRPC calls ○ No need to touch Cassandra ● Local cluster for development ● Easy to learn basics ● Hard to discover advanced stuff ■ Lack of documentation ■ Need to tune configuration

Trident ● Functions ○ You can do everything you want ■ Touch DB, read emails, … ○ Stay with java ■ No dependencies problem ■ No performance penalty ● Topology ○ Good to define on beginning ■ Spend time on detailed diagram ■ Save you during implementation and future updates ○ Don’t do it too much complex ■ Problem with loading it


Cassandra ● Already in our production on different project ● No SPOF ● Multi Master ● Scalable ● More good stuff ● Lot of new features in 2.x ○ Lite transactions ○ Lot of fixes ■ Good old times on 0.8 ■ Our bug report from 2011 - Double load of commit log on node start :)

Kafka ● A high-throughput distributed messaging system ● Something like distributed commit log ○ You can set retention ○ You can move reading offset back ■ Used by Trident transactions ● Cluster ● Ideally to use with Trident

Business asks: are you ready for ~250m impressions per day?

Thank you.

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