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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: jabernethy

Source: authorstream.com

Pi and It’s Amazing History: Pi and It’s Amazing History By Kimmy What is Pi: What is Pi Pi is an irrational number. (Irrational means not in agreement with reason; utterly illogical.) Pi never ends!!! A man named Shigeru Kondo memorized 10 trillion numbers of Pi and beat the world record for knowing the most numbers of Pi What is Pi Count.: What is Pi Count. The symbol of Pi is the 16 th letter of the Greek alphabet. Pi has been around for more than 4,000 years. About Archimedes :  About Archimedes He was born about 287 B.C. in Syracuse, Sicily. Sicily was an independent Greek country with about a history of 500 years. He was so interested in Pi that he was killed when the Romans took over. One soldier stabbed him in the back while he was drawing circles. Happy Birthday Albert Einstein : Happy Birthday Albert Einstein Enjoy Pi Day with Mrs. Abernethy and her fifth grade class!!!!!: Enjoy Pi Day with Mrs. Abernethy and her fifth grade class!!!!!

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