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Published on July 9, 2007

Author: Zinc


The Physics of Sports:  The Physics of Sports Slide2:  Main Injector, 2 miles around Tevatron, 4 miles around Physics explains things that are very, very large.:  Physics explains things that are very, very large. Physics explains things that are very, very small.:  Physics explains things that are very, very small. Physics explains things that are right in front of us.:  Physics explains things that are right in front of us. Newton’s First Law:  Newton’s First Law Objects at rest remain at rest Objects in motion remain in motion UNTIL YOU APPLY A FORCE Newton’s Second Law:  Newton’s Second Law F = ma What forces are important in sports? Flight Path:  Flight Path The Home Run Swing:  The Home Run Swing Ball arrives on 100 downward trajectory Big Mac swings up at 250 Ball takes off at 350 The optimum home run angle! Courtesy of A. Nathan, University of Illinois. Newton’s Third Law:  Newton’s Third Law For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Conservation of Energy:  Conservation of Energy Potential Energy Kinetic Energy Kinetic Energy Compression Energy Heat and Sound Energy Conservation of Momentum:  Conservation of Momentum If m1 = m2 , then v1 = v2 Slide13:  Conservation of Momentum Equipment features:  Ball material, size, shape, and texture Properties of the club, bat, racquet, or stick Equipment features Slide15: Air Resistance (drag):  Air Resistance (drag) FRICTION:  F R I C T I O N Slide18:  Resistance & Friction:  Resistance andamp; Friction Slide20:  The Power of Spin Spins in Figure Skating:  Spins in Figure Skating Reaction Time:  Reaction Time Downhill skier speed: 80 mph:  Downhill skier speed: 80 mph Slide24:  Reaction Time in Baseball Courtesy of R. Adair through A. Nathan. Measure your reaction time…:  Measure your reaction time… Compare your reaction time…:  Compare your reaction time… Equation used: t = √((2d)/g) Physical laws explain the world:  Physical laws explain the world Newton’s Laws of Motion Conservation of Energy Conservation of Momentum These laws help us explain everything about sports. Physics really is everywhere! Visit  Visit Fermilab Buffalo viewing Bicycling Walking Roller blading Canoeing Fishing Visit Fermilab:  Visit Fermilab Lederman Science Center Tours Saturday morning physics Ask a Scientist On-line activities: The Physics of Sports:  The Physics of Sports

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