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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: Timmilne



Physicality is a communications language hard-wired into the subconscious intuitive processes that govern the majority of our everyday decisions

This language can be employed to make meaningful and breakthrough communications in a world where we're learning new ways of communicating — for which we have no evolutionary affinity — and where cognitive attention is at a premium.

When we have less time to think, feelings become more important.

Physicality: communications made for humans The most powerful communications tool is what you don’t think about!

Intro Physicality is a communications language hard-wired into the subconscious intuitive processes that govern the majority of our everyday decisions! This language can be employed to make meaningful and breakthrough communications in a world where cognitive attention is at a premium!

Humans aren’t logical Despite having all the necessary information to make rational, considered decisions, most people let their primitive System 1 processes guide many of their behaviours!

Intuition is evolutionary Intuition is the product of 6 million years of human evolution when priorities were different. Decisions had to be made (like avoiding a sabre-toothed tiger) without taking time to think — hence our greatest fear is uncertainty!

Intuition is NOT thinking Intuition is everything you don’t think about!

Familiarity is the engine of intuition Intuition is a process of recognition. For speed, it uses a system of associations to match new to known stimuli!

Intuition is like radar Our intuition is always on, sweeping our senses, making thousands of instant judgments and decisions we’re not aware of!

Intuition is a physical super-sense Intuition takes inputs from our five senses, which are tuned to the physical environment!

Physicality is hard-wired Human intelligence evolved in a physical environment (not a digital one)!

Physicality talks to humans Physicality is a hot-line to the intuitive processes that inform most of the decisions, judgments and behaviours that shape people’s everyday lives!

Objects are like us Humans and objects are both self-contained separate entities!

We see ourselves in objects Objects wear with age and ultimately deteriorate — they remind us we’re mortal (what the Japanese understand as Wabi-Sabi) !

We see the world as things We conceptualise everything into self-contained separate entities (think about how often you use the word things to put boundaries around abstract ideas)!

…even when it isn’t The nature of Digital media — a single network of interconnected code — is alien to us, but we perceive it, and represent it, as being made of separate entities in order to understand it better!

Physicality is a language… We all know how to read the nuanced detail of the physical things that surround us: size, shape, texture, material and construction!

…we read without thinking Physicality talks directly to our effortless intuitive understanding!

We learn it as infants on,   duca& &on,  e Educa Human infants learn about physicality by sticking objects in their mouths (which are most sensitive). We all learn this language before we learn to speak and think! & educa on  

The medium is the message In any physical communication, the structure speaks volumes. Fear of uncertainty makes intuition pay very close attention to initial encounters!

Physicality is a primer The physical nature of a communication is the initial encounter and shapes and informs how we feel, thus what we think (and whether we choose to think) about its content (e.g. words)!

Feelings are physical Intuition registers in our ‘gut’ and extreme feelings can present as real physical sensations!

How it feels is how it feels The physical/emotional conflation is a heuristic. In communications, physical characteristics are read directly as emotional sensations — without thinking!

Physicality is valuable When used to communicate, objects act as heuristics — mental shortcuts for digitally distracted, media-weary, overloaded human minds!

The power is in NOT thinking Physicality is the ultimate nudge mechanism — it shortcuts the cognitive processes that all modern media messages are trying to address, to engage the intuitive emotional processes that make us human!

Signals, not messages We obey signals; ignore messages!

If you want to make people feel something… Emotions remain the core connection for effective communications and building lasting bonds between organisations and people!

…give them something they can feel Physicality can articulate feelings directly to humans!

Physicality can change how people feel, think and act

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