Physical & Health Hazards

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Information about Physical & Health Hazards

Published on September 13, 2012

Author: Amitsss15


Physical & Health Hazards: Physical & Health Hazards Prepared By: Amit $hah M.Pharm, 2 nd sem (QA) Guided By : Mr. Jaimin Patel Assistant Professor Indubhai P atel College of Pharmacy & Research Centre,Dharmaj . PHYSICAL HAZARDS: PHYSICAL HAZARDS 2 PowerPoint Presentation: 3 PowerPoint Presentation: 4 Health hazards : Health hazards 5 PowerPoint Presentation: 6 PowerPoint Presentation: 7 reference: reference 8 PowerPoint Presentation: 9 Thank YOU . . .: Thank YOU . . . 10

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Although safety hazards related to the physical characteristics of a chemical can be objectively defined in terms of testing requirements (e.g ...
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Physical Hazards. Fire Hazards Combustible liquid Flammable liquid Flammable aerosol Flammable gas Flammable solid Oxidizer Pyrophoric. Reactive Hazards
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