Phylum Arthropoda | Biology Class 11

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Information about Phylum Arthropoda | Biology Class 11

Published on June 9, 2019

Author: BhavnaSingh72


1. Arthropoda Kingdom Animalia Class 11 Presented by Concept Tutorial

2. Please watch the video “Kingdom Animalia Part 1 (Basis of Classification)” before watching this video to understand the topic in a better way.

3. Basic Features  Organ system level of organisation.  Bilateral symmetry. Triploblastic  Coelomata  Complete digestive tract  Open circulatory system  Body is covered by chitinous exoskeleton.

4. Morphology

5. Sexual Dimorphism in Cockroach

6. Digestive System of Cockroach

7. Excretion in Insect

8. Respiratory System of Cockroach

9. Other Respiratory Organs in Arthropods

10. Other Respiratory Organs in Arthropods…

11. Circulatory System of Cockroach

12. Compound Eye & Mosaic Vision

13. Types of Metamorphosis

14. More Examples of Complete Metamorphosis…

15. More Examples of Incomplete Metamorphosis…

16. Vector & Carrier Housefly: Typhoid, diarrhoea, Amoebic dysentery, cholera

17. Mouthparts: Cutting & Chewing Type

18. Mouthparts: Piercing & Sucking Type

19. Mouthparts: Sponging Type

20. Mouthparts: Chewing & Lapping Type

21. Mouthparts: Siphoning Type Link of Video “Mouthparts of Insects” is given in the description box below.

22. Please check your understanding…. 1. Suggest some reasons that constitute arthropods the largest group of animal kingdom. 2. Ponder over it! “Metamorphosis limits intra-specific competition.” Please find answers in the description box below.

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