PHS Jeopardy Summer Sem 1 Review Shining Star Red

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Information about PHS Jeopardy Summer Sem 1 Review Shining Star Red

Published on March 21, 2008

Author: Raulo


Slide7:  100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 500 400 300 200 100 100 200 300 400 500 100 200 300 400 500 Phonics Rebecca Vocabulary Grammar Spelling I-100:  I-100 Which word has the same sound as the i in time? side slim Answer . Game board I-200:  I-200 Which word has the same sound as the g in age? goat gem Answer . Game board I-300:  I-300 Which word has the same sound as the c in center? ace copy Answer . Game board I-400:  I-400 Which word has the same sound as the y in pretty? yard sky biography Answer . Game board I-500:  I-500 Which word has the same sound as the u in trust? fun universe Answer . Game board II-100:  II-100 The cookie (crumbels, crumbles, cramble ) easily. Answer . Game board II-200:  II-200 The (direcshens, directshins, directions) that he told us are wrong. Answer . Game board II-300:  II-300 Do you know a (seacrit, secret,secrit)? Answer . Game board II-400:  II-400 He was a (solyer, solder, soldier) in the army. Answer . Game board II-500:  II-500 He was (ready, reddy, redy) to go. Answer . Game board III-100:  III-100 True or false? A kayak is a type of boat. Answer . Game board III-200:  III-200 An antonym for journey is trip. Answer . Game board III-300:  III-300 A folktale is the story of a person’s life. Answer . Game board III-400:  III-400 To be curious means that you want know about something. Answer . Game board III-500:  III-500 To draw a conclusion means to give your opinion about a story. Answer . Game board IV-100:  IV-100 “Jewel in the Sand” is ____ folktale about giving. a. a b. an Answer . Game board IV-200:  IV-200 ______ Mongolian nomads are famous horseback riders. a. A b. The Answer . Game board IV-300:  IV-300 The Greeks _________ to Troy to rescue their queen. a. sailed b. solid Answer . Game board IV-400:  IV-400 The Greeks _______ ready to give up. a. was b. were Answer . Game board IV-500:  IV-500 The Spanish explorers traveled to the Americas in the 1500’s. ________ did the Spanish explorers travel to the Americas? a. Who d. Where b. What e. Why c. When ab. How Answer . Game board V-100:  V-100 Who meets Rebecca in the desert? Answer . Game board V-200:  V-200 Who lives with Nancy and Rebecca? Answer . Game board V-300:  V-300 Who came to talk to the children about the picnic? Answer . Game board V-400:  V-400 Where do Rebecca and Alberto go on their first date? (2 places) Answer . Game board V-500:  V-500 What’s Nancy’s uncle’s name? Answer . Game board I-100 A:  I-100 A side Game board I-200 A:  I-200 A gem Game board I-300 A:  I-300 A ace Game board I-400 A:  I-400 A biography Game board I-500 A:  I-500 A fun. Game board II-100 A:  II-100 A crumbles Game board II-200 A:  II-200 A directions Game board II-300 A:  II-300 A secret Game board II-400 A:  II-400 A soldier Game board II-500 A:  II-500 A ready Game board III-100 A:  III-100 A true Game board III-200 A:  III-200 A false Game board III-300 A:  III-300 A false Game board III-400 A:  III-400 A true Game board III-500 A:  III-500 A false Game board IV-100 A:  IV-100 A a Game board IV-200 A:  IV-200 A The Game board IV-300 A:  IV-300 A sailed Game board IV-400 A:  IV-400 A were Game board IV-500 A:  IV-500 A How Game board V-100 A:  V-100 A Alberto Game board V-200 A:  V-200 A Melaku Angela Game board V-300 A:  V-300 A The police officer Game board V-400 A:  V-400 A The Golden Gate Bridge The Casa Mendoza Restaurant Game board V-500 A:  V-500 A Edward Game board Slide61:  . a. “Take me to the movies”, said the little girl. b. “Take me to the movies,” said the little girl. Slide62:  b.“Take me to the movies,” said the little girl.

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