Phrasal verbs with 'come 3.

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Information about Phrasal verbs with 'come 3.

Published on March 9, 2014

Author: nageswarrao790



Come down on Vs Come down from

03/09/14 Meaning & Usage of Phrasal Verbs with “Come - 3” “Come down on Vs Come down from”. Voiced & compiled Nageswar Rao. A. English Teacher

Today, let us learn the meaning and usage of phrasal verbs “Come down on and Come down from.”  Come down on means rebuke somebody; criticize severely for some fault; punish somebody; demand money from.  A good teacher should not come down so hard on his students.  The traffic personnel are coming down heavily on signal breakers.  He came down on the driver of the car for heavy damages.  Come down from means to come from one place to another.  When did you come down from Hyderabad?  Marwaries have come down from Marwad. 03/09/14

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