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Published on October 11, 2008

Author: msanin


FCE COACHING – DISTANCE COURSE PHRASAL VERBS 1 VERBS WITH THREE PARTS ( The object always follows these verbs and cannot be put between any one of the parts. ) PHRASAL VERB MEANING EXAMPLE CUT DOWN ON Reduce the amount of I’ve decided to cut down on smoking. CATCH UP WITH Reach the same place as They are too far ahead for us to catch up with them. COME UP AGAINST Meet ( negative I’m afraid we’ve come up connotation) usu. a problem against a problem we can’t , difficulties. solve. COME UP WITH Think of Have you come up with an answer yet? DROP IN ON Visited I dropped in on Bill and Sheila on my way home. FACE UP TO Accept, deal with You must face up to reality. FEEL UP TO Feel fit to do You must feel up to going to work. He didn’t accept the job because he thought he wasn’t up to it. GET AWAY WITH Avoid discovery Jack stole the money and got away with it. He left the country and was never found. GET ALONG / ON Have a good relationship Do you get along with your WITH with. new boss? He seems friendly. GET ON WITH Continue with Stop talking and get on with your work. GET OUT OF Avoid a responsibility I managed to get out of working late and went straight home. GET ROUND TO Find time to do I haven’t got round to decorating yet. GET UP TO Do, often something wrong. What has young Bill been getting up to? GO IN FOR Have as a hobby. Do you go in for sailing? GROW OUT OF Become too old for Julie has grown out of playing with dolls. KEEP UP WITH Stay in the same place as You’re going too fast! I can’t keep up with you! LOOK DOWN ON Feel superior to Our neighbours look down on anyone without a car LOOK UP TO Respect He really looks up to his father. He wants to be like him in the future. LOOK FORWARD TO Expecting eagerly We are looking forward to our summer holidays

MAKE UP FOR Compensate for The wonderful dinner made up for the terrible service of the waiters. PUT UP WITH Bear I can’t put up with these screaming children. RUN OUT OF Have no more of Oh, dear! We’re running out of petrol. Let’s look for a filling station. STAND UP FOR Defend You must learn to stand up for yourself and not let those kids bully you. VERBS WITH TWO PARTS (The verbs on the following list are transitive – they are followed by the direct object and they cannot be separated.) PHRASAL VERB MEANING EXAMPLE ASK AFTER Ask for news of Jim asked after you yesterday. He sent his regards. CALL FOR Come and collect I’ll call for you at 6. Please, be ready 10 minutes earlier. CALL ON Visit I called on some friends I hadn’t seen for years when I was in Madrid. COME ACROSS Find by chance Joe came across the old painting in the attic while he was getting ready to move house. COME INTO Inherit Sue came into a large sum of money when her granny died. COUNT ON Depend on I’m counting on you to help me. DEAL WITH Take action about The reporter asked the new Mayor how he would deal with the traffic problem. DO WITHOUT Manage without We’ll have to do without a holiday this year. GET AT Suggest What are you getting at? Please, be straight with me. GET OVER Recover from Barry has got over his illness now. GO OVER Discuss the details Let’s go over our plan once more. JOIN IN Contribute to Try to join in the lesson as much as you can. LIVE ON Have as income They live on the money her father gives them since they have been unemployed for months now. LOOK INTO Investigate The government is looking into the issue of the u$s 800,000 smuggled into the country. LOOK ROUND Look at everything Let’s look round the town today. We have to continue our trip tomorrow. MAKE FOR Go in the direction of Where are you making for exactly? PICK ON Choose a person to bother My teacher is always picking on

or punish me. RUN INTO Meet by chance I ran into Steve in the supermarket yesterday. He was surprised to see me there. SEE ABOUT Arrange We’ll have to see about getting the new manager an office. SEE TO Attend to, take care of Can you see to the dog’s food while I am away on holiday? STAND FOR Tolerate I won’t stand for such rudeness. I demand an apology! STAND FOR Be a candidate Andrew is standing for Parliament. TAKE AFTER Have the same Helen takes after her mother. characteristics as ( a member of the family) From “FCE Language Practice”, by Michael Vince.

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