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Information about Php : Why and When!

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: nishantshrivastava



Pune PHP User Meet Up : Presented my talk on when and why to use #PHP. What should be the parameters, to opt for #PHP over other languages (or say technology).

Why? When? By Nishant Shrivastava @n1shant

Why? ● It’s Open source and its free ;) ● It’s Easy with clean & simple documentation ● Active community backing the development ● Ample utilities and libraries - PECL or Packagist ● Low infrastructure costs

The good thing about

It’s Easy ● Documentation is simply awesome ● Community is vast and superb ● Good, clean and easy to understand documentation ● Active and helpful community

Packages & Libraries ● PECL : The old way ● Packagist and Composer : The new artillery

Infrastructure Costs ● Low infrastructure costs ● Runs on almost every environment It also supports Windows Server :P

But we have other Open Source languages too.. Then Why PHP

PHP Factors ● Scaling ● Development speed ● Development tools ● Maintainability


Development Speed & Tools ● PHPStorm ● NetBeans ● xDebug ● CodeSnifffer ● Composer ● PHPUnit

The Maintainability

The Comparison

PHP When?

Thanks Would Love to answer your queries… Nishant Shrivastava @n1shant

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