PHP at Density and Scale (Lone Star PHP 2014)

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Information about PHP at Density and Scale (Lone Star PHP 2014)

Published on April 26, 2014

Author: warpforge



Mixing performance, configurability, density, and security at scale has, historically, been hard with PHP. Early approaches have involved CGIs, suhosin, or multiple Apache instances. Then came PHP-FPM. At Pantheon, we've taken PHP-FPM, integrated it with cgroups, namespaces, and systemd socket activation. We use it to deliver all of our goals at unheard-of densities: thousands and thousands of isolated pools per box.

PHP at Density and Scale ...with security and consistent performance

About Me ● Four Kitchens ● ● Pressflow ● Pantheon ● systemd

Broadly Defining Security Your data... 1. Is accessible to the right people (access) 2. Isn’t to anyone else (access) 3. Is usable (quality of service)

Topics ● Performance ○ Socket activation ○ Automount/autofs ○ cgroups ○ “Customer Experience Monitor” ○ Migration ● Security ○ Users ○ Namespaces ○ Defense-in-depth ○ Non-disruptive fixes

Challenge: PHP-FPM Overhead ● Using a full PHP-FPM instance per stack ○ Isolated opcode cache space ○ Defense-in-depth against PHP issues ○ Low-impact reconfiguration ● Idle PHP-FPMs take ~0.5% of a core each ○ At 10k dense, that’s over six cores ● Initial solution used error capture in nginx ○ Masked real failures to connect to PHP-FPM ○ Slower than necessary ○ Production use of HTTP 418 (arguably a bonus)

Traditional server sockets: overview ... nginx TCP 80 Client nginx TCP 81 If you want a service available, the daemon has to be running.

Socket activation: overview systemd TCP 80 Client TCP 81 nginxfd=3 Only a socket in systemd has to run for service availability.

Socket activation: details ● systemd squats on all listeners ○ Looks for incoming traffic with EPOLL ○ Starts the services/containers on-demand ○ Passes socket to daemon as fd=3+ ● Not a proxy (same performance) ● No client awareness ● No CPU or memory overhead when idle

Socket activation: Pantheon’s use ● nginx and PHP-FPM ● MariaDB soon ○ Using an alternative now ● Allows 90%+ containers to be idle ● Makes bootup sensible ● Reconfiguration pattern is stop, not restart

Socket Activation Demo Demoed this at NYC Camp a few weeks ago

Automount/autofs ● Like socket activation for file system mounts ○ Kernel squats on mount path and looks for traffic ○ Brings up file mount lazily ● Used for FuseDAV (Valhalla client)

Automount Demo

Challenge: Resource Availability ● Per-site load isn’t predictable ● Different sites compete for resources ○ Between customers ○ Among customers’ own sites ● Traditional prioritization isn’t adequate ○ VMs are too heavyweight ○ Tools like “nice” can cause starvation ○ Generally want burstability

cgroups ● Many options ○ Pantheon uses CPUShares and BlockIOWeight ● Keeps things fair under contention ○ Kind of like adding purple ropes when people are queueing

Contention with cgroups Demo

Customer Experience Monitor ● Runs a representative Drupal site on every container host ● Reports scores to the API and monitoring ● Influences migration and container placement

Migration ● At density, rebalancing is important ● Keep state lightweight ○ No OS ○ No runtime ● Mutiny: migration as replication + promotion

Challenge: Security Isolation ● Many users ● One kernel ● VMs too heavyweight ● Users run their own code ● Can’t betray expectations ○ Many users develop locally and push code ○ Some customers import existing, working sites

Isolation for security ● Users ● Namespaces ● Seccomp filters

Defense in depth ● Application ○ Drupal ● Runtime ○ nginx, PHP-FPM, FuseDAV ● Container: “binding” certificate ○ Linux user, namespaces, etc. ● Container host: “endpoint” certificate ○ Only trusted for the containers assigned ● Platform: root certificate

Challenge: Security Responses ● Traditional approach too big a hammer ○ Rebooting hundreds of hosts with 10k+ containers each would be a fail-over storm ○ Basic customers don’t have fail-over ○ Not going to pack it less dense ● Customers can run own code ○ May load executables and libraries themselves

Non-disruptive fixes ● Kernel upgrades via migration ● Rolling daemon and library upgrades ○ Heartbleed

Heartbleed Fix Demo

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