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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: itsjamalkamara


Post Task 10: Photoshop Edits: Post Task 10: Photoshop Edits Clone Tool: Clone Tool I used the cloning tool, in this instants, to eliminate the artist’s bags from under his eye’s.This was beneficial when it came to making my own magazine as it gave my artists’ an ‘airbrushed’ look, as those of a professional magazine would. Over all this made my magazine seem more polished. Colour Isolation Tool: Colour Isolation Tool I used the colour isolation tool, in this situation, to isolate colour in a specific part of the photo.This was beneficial when it came to making my own magazine as it allowed me to emphasize certain areas that had significance. Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tool: Rectangular and Elliptical Marquee Tool I used the rectangular and elliptical marquee tool on this occasion, to turn a photo into a rectangle shape and also have the ability to select something and reinsert it somewhere else. This was helpful when it came to making my own magazine as it gave me the ability too edit photos and logos. Over all this gave me more freedom in the creation of my magazine. Moving Tool: Moving Tool I used the moving tool, on this occurrence, to move the photo onto the surface on another photo.This was helpful when it came to making my own magazine as it gave me the power to move photos onto another. Over all this gave me the capability to move photos free of will. Colour, Text and Lasso Tool: Colour, Text and Lasso Tool Colour, Text and Lasso Tool I used the colour, text and lasso tool. Colour to enhance the colour of my images, as well as change the colour, text to label or annotate the images and the lasso tool crop and select specific features of the image in order to alter them singularly without interrupting the original style of the rest of the image. The lasso tool also enabled m to select images in order to replace them with other, as you can see when looking at the books held by the teacher on the left hand side.This was extremely helpful when placing and adjusting my images as I was able to suit them according to the genre of my magazine, as well as make them stand out as individuals from the other images. Text also made it easier for me to portray artist’s in a way that the audience will be able to understand, for example I can label who the image is of and what purpose they hold within the music industry.

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