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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: OliviaBolt


Photography Applications Olivia Bolt 1

Advertising and Promotional Advertising and Promotional photography is the most ubiquitous form of photography to this day. It all depends on what kind of subject/product it is advertising. This depends on what style, techniques and forms are used and there is a lot of different types of these to chose from regarding what the advertisement is about. In advertising and promoting the main aim of this photography is create an image that is going to sell to people. This is why they try to make the adverts very attractive to the people they are trying to sell them to. Promotional photography is similar to advertising photography although it may be commissioned in order to raise the profile of a product but not for direct advertising purposes. Often the images are very controlled and then heavily edited to get the best out of them. Artificial lighting is often used. A range of lenses may be used depending on the nature of the shoot. These images on the right demonstrate this application of photography. The Top image (YvesSaintLaurent) and the bottom image (Gucci Guilty) are both advertising a brand and a product that they are selling to women. As you can see from the image a lot of Post Production work has been done on the images to make them look perfect and very attractive towards their target audience. On the top image shadows have been edited in and the contrast has been edited so the model looks very bright. The lighting has been manipulated and it has been shot in a studio. The Gucci Guilty has also had lighting edited and has been shot in a studio. The models have been staged to be in that position and be doing that. Its shot to look sexy and intimate and sets a mood on the audience. The middle image is a promotional shot for the Xfactor. This image has been staged and is manipulated to look like they are walking away from the plane. This image has an artificial background and has been shot in a studio not a runway. Artificial lighting has been used to make it look brighter than make it look like they are outside. The shot has been made to look glamorous. .

This image is a manipulated image and the model has been made to look like. It isn’t a natural smile. She has smiled purposely for the camera. This is an advertisement image for a perfume by Lancôme called La vie est belle. This advertisement is girly to be aimed at the target audience of women. The advert has been shot to sell to women which it has been shot to look flawless so women will want to buy this perfume. The model has been made to look perfect to attract women into wanting to buy the perfume she has been edited and had wrinkles edited out and hair highlighted to make her a perfect candidate. The lighting has been edited on the image through post production to make her look angelic like. Contrasting and the saturation has changed. In this image a wide lens has been used because the photographer isn't stood far away from the model so they would be able to focus more on the models face . It has been controlled just for the perfume bottle it is not observational because it has been shot in a studio and is purely for the product The edges have been blurred through the post production this is so you focus on the models face and the perfume bottle.

One example of a photographer in this application of photography is a London based photographer who specializes in advertising photography. He specializes in liquids and drinks. He is very famous for shooting advertisements for Smirnoff, Volvic, Carling, Stella Artois, Daz, Fairy and many more. Advertising and Promotional photography is very useful comparing this to an application like portraiture photography advertising and promotional photography is used a lot more and is worth a lot more in our society. It is used in every product that is trying to be sold. Businesses will use this application of photography nearly every day to make money from them and go to extreme lengths with this application compared to portraiture, this does not have a huge purpose in our society and not as much money is made from this application. People do not invest money in this photography because it purely does not play a massive part in making money and making businesses money because of this advertising photography has a lot of money invested in this. 4

Fashion Photography Fashion photography has the purpose to sell clothes, promote fashion and show off the clothes on the models. Fashion photography sets a stories by only using a model or a few models and some clothes. A story is shown with what they are wearing and the image has to be able to set a mood for the audience. It is normal that a fashion photography shoot is in a studio where there is controlled lighting and it can be manipulated easily. It also can be on location for example as a model myself I went out on location in the natural light. Fashion photography is heavily staged and is manipulated a lot. The images on the right are very heavily staged and are all shot in a studio they all include lots of post production to make them perfect and fashion worthy. The top image is staged so the models look like they are having a picnic. Low lighting it used and a wide lens is used to include all of the scene. The bottom two images have artificial lighting and are very bright and brightness has been increased in post production. The bottom image the girls had a lot of editing done to her face to make her skin look perfect she has no flaws/ no wrinkles which makes her youthful. The middle image colour has been added and parts of the dress have been edited to make the dress look bigger. The colour of the dress has been made a higher contrast injunction to the model and background. A famous fashion photographer is Nick Knight he is famous with shooting famous people in fashion photography with the likes of lady gaga, Leona Lewis, kanye west, Cara Delavigne. He Is one of the most influential photographers in the world and he is famous for his editorial work in vogue and Daze. He owns his own fashion photography studio in London. Fashion photography is a really important and very popular application. It’s a lot more popular and there is a lot more money made with this application compared to high street photography or photojournalism. Fashion photography is a lot more important than these applications because it is an a lot bigger industry which makes a lot more money than high street or photojournalism. Fashion photography is a lot more exciting than any other applications because of the type of colours and clothes that are used. Fashion photography is on a par with Advertising promotional because they both work together to promote clothes/makeup and accessories.

The image is heavily staged. The models have been told to stand and pose like that. The models would have been in a studio with control lighting to make it how the photographers wants. The lighting when being control the photographer has power over how bright he wants it to be. The photo has had a lot of post production because areas of the picture have been brightened and the models look perfect as they show no flaws with their skin and their faces. Affects have been added like the mist to the picture in pre production. A wide lens has been used as its quite a wide scenery. Using a wide lens allows all the scenery to be included in this image.

Photojournalism These images are taken to contribute to the news media. They help to tell a story. They are taken in wars, sporting events and even paparazzi shots count as Photojournalism.Photojournalism works within the same ethical approaches to objectivity that are applied by other journalists. Photo manipulation is a big issue with this area because some photographers think that it is wrong to edit the pictures that are for Photojournalism. Some photographers believe that small adjustments can be made others feel that no post production is acceptable with these kinds of images. Images are generally observational rather than staged and the use of additional light is often limit to just a flash gun. If the photographer is close to the action then wider lenses are generally used. Longer, telephoto lenses are used if the photographer if further away. The three photos on the side demonstrate this photo application. The first picture is a image taken of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian by the paparazzi. This has the use of a long lens as the photographer is far away from them and he is trying to get a picture as close as possible. It is not edited and it is purely observational due to the fact they are getting into a car. The seconded image has been taken at some sort of natural disaster. As you can see the photographer has you post production on this image and made the fore ground more clearer than the background. A wide shot has been used due to the fact there is a lot of background scenery that needs to be fitted in the image. The bottom image is a observational image as nothing has been staged. The man could not pose in the air. This is an example of photojournalism at war. A wide shot has been used to get all background scenery in. A famous photographer that works with photojournalism is Ron Haviv, he is award winning for taking images of conflict and humanitarian crisis. His pictures have reached headlines all over the world. Some of his images promote human rights and have been published in New Yorker, Vanity fair, Vogue, readers digest.

Photojournalism is quite an important application as it is used when showing news about the world for example the Ukraine Riots there is a lot of images on social networking sites that is promoting what is going on. Which is important as we know what is happening in the world. Also magazines like ‘Star’ and ‘Now’ which thrive of juicy images of celebrities looking their worst and have just been papped by that paparazzi and was not ready. These are taken by photojournalists and without these images these kind of magazines would have limited content to talk about. But comparing this application to something a lot more high profile like Advertising and promotional. Advertising and promotional is a lot more important because that’s the applications that makes the money on every product that has to be sold. It makes a lot more money that photojournalism which is why it is not very important in our society. The rights and wrongs of post production for this application is that this application is that it is a lot more accurate when post production is not used because the pictures need to be accurate as possible to demonstrate a theme like war or a celebrity looking her worse walking out of the house. The rights for post production on this application is that blurring the background out or sharpening the foreground and create very powerful and meaningful pictures for a theme such as war or refugees. 8

This is a paparazzi shot of Kim Kardashian and kanye West. They are being papped by a photographer whilst getting into the car. The photographer has used a long lens so they are able to get close to the pair and they can see better detail in the image as you can see he is stood on the other side of the car which he has had to have the long lens to be so close to them . The image is an observational image because the photographer has taken this image whist they are off guard. They are getting into a car and that’s when the photographer has taken the picture. The image is dark due to the fact the photographer has had no control over the lighting. The lighting is not artificial because of them being outside. No post production has been done on this photo as it’s a natural photo due to the fact that some photographers think that it is wrong to edit picture which as for photojournalism. So this image as not been meddled with.

Portraiture This is one of the most common forms of photography that photographers/ people take a lot. This application is all about capturing a subject in which the face, facial features and expressions dominate the whole picture. The photographer will construct an idea around the image for example Happy, family, romantic etc… It is the approached used in most studio and social photography. This application tends to involve artificial lighting to highlight the face. This application has a few approaches to it. It can be Creative and staged and controlled or it can be observational. This applications uses post production to perfect their images. They edit them put filters on them and airbrush them. The three pictures that I have chosen have all had post production done to them. The first picture has been put in black and white and then seconded picture the background has been blurred to make the fore ground more prominent. The first image has had a filter applied to it. The contrast has been changed to make him lighter than the background to make him stand out. The model in the picture had no imperfections on his face. The middle image the background has been blurred to focus the audience on this girls face. This is using natural light as she is outside but it has been tweeked so it is brighter. The girl has perfect skin compared to a observational image. The last pictures uses artificial lighting to make the model look bright and happy this has been shot in a studio. Martin Schooler is a New York based photographer that is famous for his close up/ portrait series of celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie.

Portraiture is a not a very important application there is not of lot of purpose for this application when you compare to an a lot bigger application like fashion. Portraiture is less important than fashion because there is not such a big industry which involves this application. It does not make a lot of money and is only really used for headshots for actors and I.D pictures. In our society fashion photography is a lot more high profiled and is used a lot more than portraiture is used 11

Use this slide to annotate an archetype image This is a portrait shot of a model. The image is a headshot which is taken in a studio. This image has had post production. The picture has had a filter put on it to make in black and white. Obviously it is not a observational shot as its not natural. A shadow has been created by the lighting to make it a lot more meaningful. This shot is controlled because the model is posing for the picture. It is manipulated to look like it does A wide lens has been used because the photographer is not far away from the picture so the photographer does not need to use a long lens to get detail from far away. Artificial light has been used as the image has been taken in studio. You can tell that it has by the background being plain white. Portraiture is normally taken in a studio.

High street studio High street studio photography is elements like wedding photography and portraits. High street studios have small and big franchises. It concentrates on pieces of wall art that families like to have of them all together to hang on the wall. These franchises produce high key look of modern family portraits. It is becoming difficult for high street photographers to make business. Studios use artificial lights to create a range of moods. Images often then go through post-production to edit them and get the right look. Wide lenses are generally used due to the working space in the studio being restricted. The pictures on the right show the modern high key look for family portraits. The first image has high key lighting and is artificial lighting from the studio so has the seconded picture where they had the image taken in a studio. The pictures of these are heavily staged because they are posing for the picture and they are not being natural. They are using props such as leaves to make the pictures affective like they are outdoors. Wide lens have been used to fit the whole family into the picture. This has been done with both. Post production work has been done to both to increase the brightness and to make the people look perfect. The wedding image has been taken outside on location. The couple are posing for the picture which makes the image controlled and manipulated. They are using natural light but it has been edited and made brighter to make it happier in post production. Venture is a big franchise that has studios all over the country they specialize in family portraits that can be displayed on the wall in family homes. They create heavily staged family portraits to make the family look very loveable towards each other. The two top pictures are done by Venture. As you can see they are very controlled in a studio due to the bright lighting and props.

High street studio photography is a very popular application within the normal household of people because they are there to create a family experience which families like to hang on there wall. It is very popular with the nuclear family but it is expensive so it depends on the family if they can afford to get the portraits done. This application is very overrated with some people because the images can look very false and cheesy. Comparing this application with an application like portraiture which is on the similar lines of how much it is used within society this application is used a lot more and even though it is not as big as advertising and promotional or architectural it is important for on its own level for people to have these type of images. It is a lot more important than something like fine art because families enjoy these pictures and treasure them. 14

This is a image taken by the big franchise Venture. It’s a high key look for a modern family and will be a piece of wall art. This is a high key lighting picture. The photographer has used artificial lighting because they are being shot in a studio. The family in this image are manipulated to be doing what they are doing they are posing for the camera of looking happy The picture has been through post production as the brightness has been adjusted to make them look really happy. It makes them look perfect for when they hang themselves on their wall. A wide lens has been used because the photographer is not stood far away from the family. The wide lens gets the whole family into the shot. In this type of high street photography. Props are often used to make the family look like they are doing something together. For example in this picture they are playing in leafs.

Architectural Architectural photography is the photography of buildings and similar structures which have built. The type of photographers in this area are normally specialized in this area and are skilled to use special techniques and equipment such as tilt shift lenses. The images that are taken can be used for an architect, consulting engineers, surveyors ,property developers, construction companies and other building related jobs. Depending on the end use or the photographer the images may or may not go through post production. These pictures demonstrate Architectural photography in different ways. The first image is with a wide shot to get all the scenery in. It has been through post production because the brightness has been altered and contrast. A shadow of the city has been edited in the image. Artificial lighting has been used due to the picture being taken at night. This image would seemingly be wall art. The seconded image is observational as the building is how it is when the photographer took the picture, as well as the other pictures no control of the way the building is has been used. A long lens has been used with this as the photographer can take a closer picture to the top of the bridge from the ground. It has used natural light at sunset but been through post production to make parts of the picture lighter and darker. The third image is very observational as it has no influence and has been taken in natural light. It has not been through post production and has not been edited. This kind of Architectural image is something that would be used with a property developed, surveyor, construction companies or in guides, leaflets, books. Matt Livey is an award- winning Architectural photographer from the UK. He is popular for taking pictures of London Architecture. He also does interior shouts of homes inside and the architecture on the inside of buildings. Architectural photography is used a lot for builders and industries that involve building. This is a very important application and is a lot more important than an application like Fine Art because it consists of taking images injunction to building new buildings or designing buildings which is how we create housing and buildings like the empire state buildings which attracts tourists to New York and boots their economy

This is an observational image of a bridge in New York is candid because the building can not be staged and can not pose so it is exactly how it is. This pictures has used a wide lens this is because it needs to get all the scenery in of New York. This image would be used as a wall art pieces because it is creative and has been perfective for hanging it on the wall in peoples homes. It isn’t a straight forward shot. Natural light has been used in this picture because it has been taken on location and outside of a studio. A contrast has been used on the picture through post production to made the bridge look darker than the sky so the bridge stands out and looks shadow like. The photo has been taken on angle as you can tell this is really effective as you can see a lot more and you can see the city behind the bridge instead of it just being straight up This picture is a good architectural image as it demonstrate the build of the bridge and shows the concrete city behind it.

Illustration Illustration Photography are often used alongside newspaper articles to give the reader more information and a better understand about the text. Through Illustration photography people can be influenced on how the feel about something. This could be how they feel about a text purely on an image next to it. Illustration may take the form of detail, step by step images designed to convey information in text books or other educational literature. Photographs are often used alongside newspaper articles to give the reader more information. Styles, techniques and equipment vary hugely depending on the subject. You will have to consider what you think has been used in your chosen images. These three pictures show the way illustration photography can be put with text to give concepts a better understand of them. The top and the bottom picture are books which use illustration photography to show what they are talking about within the book. The first book cat and dogs the image of the cat and the dogs are staged and have been in a studio to get the dog to pose how they want them for the cover. Artificial lighting has been used to make the dogs brighter as they have been shot in studio. The bottom book about the birds the photographer has used observational images to get birds in their natural environment. The images have been taken in natural light and are just how the photographer found them. They are candid pictures. The middle image demonstrates the understand with a piece of text. The image’s taken are in natural light and have not had pre production so they are exactly how the article describes. Wide shots have been used for these pictures as when the images have been taken the photographer has not been far away from subject to have to use a long lens. James Porto is a photographer that works within Illustration photography he is know to ‘ create haunting illustrations for editorial work’ which has hit famous magazines like Rolling stone, The New York Times and News week. Comparing illustration to an application like high street photography, illustration is used a lot frequently for every day life and is used within a lot of books and magazines . It is a lot more important because in the society we live in we are surrounded by this application and it a lot more useful and there is a bigger industry for these images.

This is a book that demonstrates illustration photography . The illustration photography has been used to explain what the book is about. Birds. The images are not edited they may have been through post production changing the brightness and contrast to perfect them for the book so people will buy it but the birds have not been edited and no filter has been added because they need to be as accurate and naturel as possible to explain to people what the text says . The photography on the front is not manipulated and is observational shots of the birds because it would be hard to stage birds to pose. Because this is a wildlife book the birds have been shot in their naturel environment. Doing their naturel thing Wide or longs lens could have been used for this picture because it would be hard to get up close to birds so to get the detail of them they may have to use a long lens from far away and then zoom in to capture the detail of the bird. If they could get close enough they would use a wide lens to get the background of the bird in to and then they wouldn’t have to use a long lends if they could get close to then bird.

Medical Photography In Media Photography the aim is create accurate and objective images that truthfully record injuries and diseases. They show procedures such as in theatre and operations. They can use this type of photography for measurement and analysis. They help will scientific reports and research papers. Most hospitals have a small medical photography department. They will use digital cameras and flash photography on patients on the wards and in the operating theatre during surgery. They also use digital cameras and flash on the bodies when carrying out a post mortem. Medical photography requests a number of different specialist photo imaging techniques and equipment for a more complex image. This includes macrophy, thermal imagazing, time lapse, cinematography, endoscope and photography that is visible for the spectrum. The pictures on the side demonstrate Medical photography as you can see a flash is used as the pictures are bright and clear. The images have not been through any post production because they need to be truthful and accurate images of what is wrong with these people. They are used with a wide lens because they have to get a big area of that injuries/disease into the picture so a wide lens can capture all of that and even the body that is around it. They is no use of using a long lens because they are stood close to the candidate. They are being shot in a natural environment like an operating room so no artificial lights are being used as such expect from the flash. It is an observational image as the image is not influenced and manipulated as the image needs to be as truthful as possible. The NHS do Medical photography to use for research and examples of diseases. They make sure each hospital is equipped with a photographer department. Medical photography is very important because it can prevent diseases in the future and it is there to help doctors and to create research. Regarding what this application is capable off it is a lot more important than fashion because these type of photography can save lives and fashion photography is just there to show off clothes and make monkey which putting these two applications in perspective, medical photography is there to help and they can help cure diseases like cancer.

This picture demonstrates Medical Photography. They have taken a picture of someone through a eye operation. This type of medical photograph y will e used to demonstrate that operation happening. Trainee doctor will use it in the future to show what needs to be done. A wide lens has been used on this picture to get a lot of detail and they would not have to use a long lens because they are up close to the subject. The picture is very accurate and no post production has been done to it. The picture has to be real and accurate because it is their to help people and research in the future and to demonstrate that operation or eye problem. This picture has not been manipulated and is a candid/ observation image because it is observing an operation . The picture is bright so a flash has been used so they can really see the eye. You can tell a flash has been used because the eye has a speck of light on from the flash. T

Fine Art Photography Fine art photography can involve many different styles of photography. Many photographic techniques are used as well a definition can be hard to come by. Subjects can be anything. They can be nude models, architecture, wildlife. Images. Fine Art photography is normally done in black and white. Depending on the photographer or the image a large amount of post production is done or no post production is done. They can be portraits, landscapes, seascapes. Fine Art photography isn’t made for any other services it is made for Fine Art only. This application does not serve any other type of purpose. Fine art images are usually produced for sales as prints or in books rather than being used in other context. All three of these pictures demonstrate the application of Fine Art photography as you can see there is a obvious pattern in the images as they are all black and white this is because that black and white is the main filter for Fine Art work . Another obvious pattern within these three images are the fact the model is nude. This is because it is normal for this application to have nude models. Each picture has been manipulated and controlled so they look like that. The things that the models are doing are not naturel so the pictures have been heavily staged to make them look like they have been doing that. These pictures have gone through a lot of post production. You can tell by this because the top picture has been tilted so she is horizontal and the a prop has been added and a filter of black and white. The seconded picture has had a filter of black and white added on to it and the background has been edited to look like a jungle or something a long those lines. A prop has also been added to the picture ( the snake) and it has been edited in the picture to make it look like it has been attached to her hair. The bottom picture again has had a filter and has been edited so the person looks like they are floating and curled up in a ball in mid air. The lighting and contrast has been altered to make areas look darker and lighter and contrast between the model and the background. These pictures have all be shot in a studio you can tell because they have plain backgrounds. Paul Briddle is an award winning fine art photographer from the Uk. He is very creative and original about his work and he is most famous for being very

Fine Art photography is important in its own industry. I don’t think this application is very important at all and other applications are a lot more high profile such as medical and advertising which provide a lot more for the society. Fine Art is not a huge industry in itself because it have a unique taste which only is aimed at a niche audience. Where as fashion has an a lot bigger audience. 23

A Fine Art photo that shows a nude women with a snake and an apple This picture has a filter on using black and white from this you can see that the picture has been taken and then gone through post production. It has a black and white filter because that is most common for Fine Art images. The model is nude as it is popular in Fine art photograph for the model to be nude. A wide lens has been used as its been done in a studio the photographer will have been close to the model so there was no need to use a long lens. This is a manipulated image and is heavily staged the model is posing for the camera like that and it has been done in a studio. The picture has had props added n through post production for example the model has had a snake edited on to her to look like her hair. The snake has been edited to go around her body. The background has been edited so it looks like the model is a jungle like environment. This Fine art image represents Adam and Eve. It shows the women Eve with the snake about to eat the apple.

Documentary Documentary photography often contains working on long term projects with complicated, multi-strand narratives, while photojournalism concerns more breaking news stories. Usually this application is done with observational photography rather than staging. Images may have some post production but not to the extend of fashion or advertising photography because they want the images to be as accurate as possible. A range of lenses can be used depending on the situation as you may need to shoot something that its impossible to get near without putting your life at danger for example a naturel disaster,. Documentary photography gives the photographer the opportunity to show the layers of life and the aspects of the daily existence of their subjects. Instead of trying to tell a story with a single image, produced to a tight newspaper deadline, documentary photography uses multiple images to help tell the story. It’s better suited to reproduction in magazines where their is more space for images and where the reader expects to spend more time with them than in a newspaper. These pictures on the right demonstrate this application of Documentary photography as you can see each picture has been taken in a natural state and no staging or manipulation has been done this is called observational photography. A wide lens has been used so they are able to fit all the scenery around the subject. These pictures have been through post production as a filter has been used on each image. The black and white filter makes the image more serious. Each picture has been taken and has not been manipulated because documentary photography is all about creating accurate picture to document a moment. Dorothea Lange was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Depression-era work for the Farm Security Administration. Lange's photographs showed the consequences of the Great Depression and influenced the development of documentary photography. Documentary photography is important because it shows us what is happening in the world the same as photo journalism. I think this application is very important to society compared to an application like portraiture because compare to portraiture it is there to educate us and is there to show us and makes us want to help out in the world. It gives us a reality check and portraiture photography does not do this as its very low profiles in the applications I have talked about.

This image was shot by Dorothea Lange. She shot this image on the great depression. The picture has been through post production although not many photographers use post production on their documentary work. A filter has been used to make the subject look a lot more serious. The picture has not been edited in any other way. Its important that the picture is as accurate s possible because it is documenting the subject and showing people. Its very different from fashion advertising as that’s heavily staged. A wide lens would have been used as the photographer was near the subject at that time. The photographer would not of had to use a long lens as she wasn’t a great distance away. The women is not posing and this image would have been used to show people what it was like in the great depression and to make people realise how sad people were. This is a observational shot of a women look distressed. The picture has not been staged in any way and hasn’t been taken in a studio. I'm guessing natural light was used as the women looks like she was outside but you can not quite tell because of the black and white filter.

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