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Published on January 31, 2013

Author: lucygiles1


Photography planning

Photography planningWhoFor my photography I will use 3-4 models in order to create a more realistic magazine as it is common for magazines to feature a variety ofpeople. I will use models in their teens as this will appeal to my young target audience, it also reflects the hip hop genre and its young/urbanvibes. I will use costume to convey a rap artist, using garments people usually associate with the genre e.g heavy jewellery and hats.WhereFor the location of my photo-shoot I want the background to be relatively plain. This is so my model is the key focus of the image. I will eitheruse a photography studio where the right lighting and simple background will be achievable or I will use a brick wall. As this is still simplisticyet the brick would connote the urban vibe.WhenI will take my photos during the day to gain the best natural lighting. I will use somewhere quiet like the photography studio so there are nodisruptions for me or models.PhotosFor my photographs I would like to use a variety of shots, including long, medium close up and close up. Ideally for my Front cover I will use amedium close up or a close up as I want the majority of the front cover to focus on the model. For my contents page I will use close ups andsome medium close ups as it is important that the reader can see clearly who is included in the magazine. For my double page spread I willuse either a long shot or a medium close up as the image will be large so it can include more.

Front cover shootFor the front cover I will use my model Francesca, a 17 year old girl. It isimportant that she is in her teens in order to appeal to my target audience(14-25). The shot will take place in a photography studio so I can have asimple background as well as the correct lighting. Ideally I will create a posed,medium close up shot that is monochromatic. I want the image to bemonochromatic so that the masthead on the cover really stands out thereader. I will use costume and heavy make up to portray Francesca as a rapartist.

Contents page shootFor this shoot I will use 3-4 different models, in order to make a more realisticcontents page as the whole point to this page is that reader can see who isincluded in the magazine. All the models are 17 so it will appeal to the targetaudience.. For this shoot I may use both indoor studio shots and outdoorshots, but making sure both have a simple background. The shots will be incolour and will be posed. I shall use close ups and medium close ups so thereader can clearly see who is in the picture. The costume will also reflect therap genre, clothing similar to that stated in front cover information.

Double page spreadFor this shoot I will use the same model as I did for my front cover as she isthe focus of the magazine. I will use a medium close up or long shot as thisthe image is large so it can include more. I will use a studio shot, mostprobably in monochromic so it follows the theme of the front cover. I will usesimilar costume as the other two pages so that I still maintain the rap genrevibe.

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