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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: OliviaBolt


Photography. By Olivia Bolt

A more detailed Mind Map about my idea.

The backgrounds will be this dark because these are the kind of rooms I will be shooting in. The model will be posing in poses like the one above. Which are interesting to look at and typical fashion shot images. I will use a vignette filter on the images to make them look ghost like and old I am going to make some grainy to give it that 1940’s effect and and it will make it really authentic and represent the overall idea of the images. A warm filter will be used to give it that authentic brown look this will make the model and the image look very elegant.

This is a sighting of the Ghost of Nunnington hall. Using this image I am going to create fashion photography. The ghost and the stairs are my main point of focus in this image. Using these stairs to create the effect of this image. I will use the bottom part of the stairs and the top part of the stairs.

I have used very simple images to demonstrate the model who will be acting as the ghost on the staircase. She will be standing in the middle and will be wearing a white dress like the women in on the left. The dress will look like the dress the model is wearing in the image. I will use the banister to get some creative images. I will shoot the holding walking up the stairs and looking from behind and holding on the banister to create that womanly effect of the ghost walking up the stairs.

The model will be stood at this side using the mirror and the fireplace to create some ghostly shots of her looking into the mirror or stood staring at the fireplace. It has been sighted that the ghost stands at the fireplace. This is where the model will be stood in one shot. Using the post on the bed to create some interesting poses of her holding them and maybe sitting on the bed

My overall idea from the mood board and the mind map is that using the application of fashion photography and theme of discovery I have thought about the location that we are going to and while researching the location where I will be shooting a I came across a lot of ghost stories and the location is best known for being haunted. This inspired me using the theme and the application of my choice that I will be using fashion photography to discover the ghosts of Nunnington hall. This includes having my images look ghostly looking and having the model dressed in white and looking like a character from the period of when the house would have been thriving. The model will represent lady Nunnington who is rumored to wonder the halls. I will be shooting in the places where it has been said that the ghost has been sighted for example the bedrooms, drawing room, staircase and the model will be wearing a period dress that will also co inside with looking like vintage vogue. This then links with my fashion photography side of the project.

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