Photo of the Day : Best of the Best (2016.01~06)

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Published on July 12, 2016

Author: ssuser63877e


1. Photo of the Day : Best of the Best (2016.01~06) 1

2. Muddy Meet and Greet 與水牛泥途偶遇,雲南省,中國 Photograph by Attila Balogh Best of January 2

3. 3

4. Grass Light Photograph by David L. Labrie 星夜下的長草與燈光,魁北克省,加拿大 4

5. Here Comes the Sun 太陽出來了,北海道,日本 Photograph by Hiroki Inoue 5

6. Bear Jam 灰熊堵道,阿拉斯加 Photograph by Aaron Huey 6

7. Fleeting Glances 好奇心,喬治亞水族館,亞特蘭大 Photograph by Jennifer Giliberto 7

8. Cheery Red 歡慶灑紅節,印度 Photograph by Tarun Chhabra 8

9. A Clean Getaway 偷得浮生半日閒,達卡,孟加拉 Photograph by Apu Jaman, 9

10. Double Down 雙彩虹,拉韋洛,義大利 Photograph by Claire Stepleton Best of February 10

11. Peekaboo 躲貓貓 Photograph by Dariusz Kucharski and Kornelia Kucharska 11

12. Time to Go 該出發了,福島,日本 Photograph by Akinori Koseki 12

13. Valley Dusting 雪後晨景,紀念碑谷國家公園 Photograph by Tyler Lekki 13

14. Eagle Hunter 鷹獵人,蒙古 Photograph by Steve Morrison 14

15. Early to Rise 冰河湖晨曦,冰島瀉湖 Photograph by Hardik Desai 15

16. Sacred Swim 恆河浴者,達薩斯瓦梅朵河壇,印度 Photograph by Raja Subramaniyan 16

17. Taking Flight 飛翔的白玄鷗,塞席爾 Photograph by Thomas P 17

18. 18

19. Balancing Act 平衡的動作,茵萊湖,緬甸 Photograph by Marco Marcone 19

20. 20

21. Make and Mend 縫縫又補補,美荻鎮,越南 Photograph by Phạm Tỵ Best of March 21

22. Wild Abandon 雪中赤狐,北海道,日本 Photograph by Hiroki Inoue 22

23. Friends in Fair Weather 海邊老友,貝魯特,黎巴嫩 Photograph by Yasmina B. 23

24. Au Naturel 日光浴,慕尼黑,德國 Photograph by Simon Roberts 24

25. Aglow in the City of Light 光明之城,羅浮宮,巴黎 Photograph by Noemie Trusty 25

26. Simply Irresistible 美味無法擋(銀繡眼鳥),紐西蘭 Photograph by Chew Yen Fook 26

27. Rest Stop 停下休息,胡拉谷自然保護區,以色列 Photograph by Gal Gross 27

28. A Wonderland Walkway Photograph by Sara Delić 仙境步道,塔特拉山,波蘭 28

29. An Icy Peek 窺視,斯奈山半島,冰島 Photograph by Fran Llano 29

30. In the Clear 清澈見底,梅加拉亞邦,印度 Photograph by Mohnish Bisht 30

31. A Natural Rush 飛流直下,哈馬瀑布,模里西斯 Photograph by Victoria Komarevych Best of April 31

32. 32

33. Springing Back to Life Photograph by Jim Brandenburg 春日蝶影,明尼蘇達州 33

34. “A Magical Night”“一個神奇的夜晚”,芬蘭 Photograph by Satu Juvonen 34

35. The Color of Peace 平靜的色彩,沃林達文,印度 Photograph by Tatiana Sharapova 35

36. Pride and Power 傲慢與權力,塞倫蓋提國家公園,坦尚尼亞 Photograph by Bjorn Persson 36

37. A Jungle Down There Photograph by Matthias Hauser 別有洞天,韓松洞(世界最大洞穴),越南 37

38. Blenny Blind 你看得到我嗎?海藻粘魚 Photograph by Dan Lublinski 38

39. A Watershed Moment 分水嶺,冰島 Photograph by Daniel Beltrá 39

40. High Sand and High Seas 高砂與高海,納米比亞 Photograph by Julian Walter 40

41. Into the Deep 雷神之井,開普敦附近佩蓓 Photograph by Gary Fua 41 Best of June

42. 42

43. Hangin‘ Around 若無閒事掛心頭,墨爾本,澳大利亞 Photograph by Douglas Gimesy 43

44. Halo Effect 光環效應,泰國 Photograph by Will Strathmann 44

45. Horse of Another Color 另一種顏色的馬 Photograph by Davide Lopresti 45

46. 46

47. A Maze of Grass 綠野迷宮,歐卡萬哥三角洲,波札那 Photograph by Gaston Piccinetti 47

48. A Perfect View 完美的景觀,火焰紀念碑谷 Photograph by Suvi Höydén 48

49. 49

50. 50 July 12, 2016 王文堯 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from National Geographic, Internet. Sound : Céline Dion - A New Day Has Come THE END

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