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Published on March 2, 2016

Author: kirk128


1. Photo Analysis Partners People in Photo: 1.) Women In The Kitchen with man 2.) Adolf Hitler, Little Boy and Women 3.) Police, colored men and some police dogs 4.) Statue Of Liberty with colored man 5.) Family 6.) Soldiers and Doctors Situation of the people in photograph with evidence: 1.) Women are cooking in a kitchen maybe a restaurant because of all the plates in the picture. There seems to be a lot of cooking materials. 2.) Adolf is trying to show that he is a good person by shaking the little boy’s hand. 3.) This picture looks like maybe a freedom rally gone wrong 4.) Man hanging off of Statue of Liberty possibly suicide or homicide. 5.) The foreign family is traveling to the United States. Statue of liberty is in the background so it shows that they might be on a boat heading towards the U.S. 6.) Soldiers are getting some kind of treatment. Doctors are looking at soldiers. What message was the photographer trying to convey? 1.) How women were treated as housewives and made to cook. Where the man is just standing there overlooking. 2.) Adolf is a good leader because he does well with children. 3.) This picture could represent how some people are poorly treated by the police or how the man is running from the police. 4.) Freedom isn’t free 5.) The family is trying to find freedom and coming to the U.S. for freedom 6.) Check soldiers to make sure they are fit for war Important to history: 1.) How women were treated back in the day 2.) Shows how Adolf tried to show that he was a good person even though he wasn’t 3.) Black people were treated poorly even after slavery was gone 4.) Shows how there used to be no freedom for people of another race 5.) Foreign people come to the U.S. to have new life 6.) How thorough soldiers were and are checked What question does photo raise? 1.) What are they making and for how many people?

2. 2.) Why is the little boy not happy? 3.) Why is the man being attacked? 4.) Why is there a man hanging? 5.) Why did the family come to America? 6.) What are they checking on the soldiers? Your own caption: 1.) Women in the 1800s 2.) Adolf Hitler shakes a followers hand 3.) Police stops rally 4.) Freedom Isn’t Free 5.) Finding Freedom 6.) Soldiers Getting a physical examination What could you do to find more information about this photograph? 1.) Look up women working in the 1800s 2.) Look up some background on Adolf Hitler and what was his message to people 3.) Search up rally’s with police and colored people 4.) Type the description of what the photo is and look who made it to see what was their reason 5.) Look up the publisher of the photo and find out what the picture is called then look up information about it 6.) Look up something about Soldiers getting examined Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph: 1.) Women used to work only in the home, they were labeled as homemakers, and the man of the family was more in control. 2.) Adolf claimed to be someone he wasn’t, he tried to make people think good about him, he was trying to make a mark on the world 3.) Race is still an issue, police attacks seemto be more known with colored people, riots were being made over an issue 4.) Everyone doesn’t have freedom, White Americans think they have more privilege, people of color have had a rough time with freedom 5.) Immigrants moved to America to find a new life, the family was finally free and America was the dream for most Immigrants 6.) Many soldiers were checked before going into the army, they had good care, the doctors made sure they were healthy

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