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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: paulhs94


Who are the people in the photograph? Picture 1- It’s hard to tell. Inferring from the other pictures they appear to be immigrants. Picture 2- Citizens meeting an important person, possibly German, possibly Hitler. Picture 3- Mostly blacks during a protest or demonstration. Picture 4- It’s the Statue of Liberty and a dead man. Picture 5- Also a family of immigrants to America. Picture 6- Men either being approved to enter the country or military service. What is the situation of the people in the photograph? Provide evidence from the photo that tells you this. Picture 1- Seems to be a poor group of people cooking a meal. The photo includes cooking ware and food. Picture 2- It is a warm greeting between a man and a young boy. The smiles of the people show it is a happy moment. Picture 3- It is a hostile environment with evidence of the braking dogs and police. Picture 4- Quite possibly it is another hostile environment inferring some type of symbolism. Infers symbolism because this could not be a real photo. Picture 5- Immigrants looking upon their new future in America. They are looking upon the symbol that every immigrant looked at when arriving in America. Picture 6- The men are being inspected by some type of authority. The men doing the inspections are wearing some type of official uniform. What message do you think the photographer was trying to convey? Picture 1- Could be hardship for the poor but making the best of what the family had. Picture 2- They may have been trying to convey a happy and well received greeting. Picture 3- They may have been trying to convey the hard period of time blacks had in America prior to the Civil Rights Act. Picture 4- Possibly they were trying to convey America as violent and hostile. Picture 5- They may have been trying to convey the bright but uncertain future of a family. Picture 6 –They may have been trying to convey what it was like to be approved for citizenship or military service in the early 20th century. Why is this photograph important to history? Picture 1- It is important to history by showing the hardships of the poor in America almost a century ago. Picture 2- This photo is important showing the how Hitler was once well perceived in Germany. Picture 3- It is important to history because it shows the hardships blacks experienced in America before the Civil Rights Act Picture 4- Though I’m not entirely sure what this picture is about it might show a once hostile time in America. Picture 5- This photo gives a glimpse of a hopeful family of immigrants. Picture 6- This photo shows what inspections were like in the early 20th century for either immigrants or military recruits.

What questions does this photograph raise? Picture 1- It raises the question of what the family is cooking. Picture 2- Is this photo of Hitler and that he was once highly received among people? Picture 3- What was the reason for the dog attack on a black man? Picture 4- Who exactly is the man in the picture? Picture 5- Is the family hopeful or uncertain of their future? Picture 6- Are these immigration inspections or military inspections? Write your own caption for the photograph: Picture 1- Making the best of what you have. Picture 2- Hitler: Our great leader. Picture 3- Controlling the uncontrollable Picture 4- Welcome to America Picture 5- A new beginning Picture 6- Tow the line. What could you do to find more information about this photograph? Any of these photos could be found on google images with the right key words such as “good pictures of Hitler”, immigration in America, etc. Based on what you have observed list 3 things you might infer from the photograph Picture 1- They are poor, they are making the best of what they had, it was a long time ago. Picture 2- It is Hitler, he tried to promote a good image of himself, he was well received Picture 3- It was a hard time for blacks, they were treated poorly, he probably did not do anything wrong Picture 4- It conveys violence, it symbolizes death, discrimination of a certain type of people Picture 5- They are an immigrant family, they have just arrived in America, they are viewing their future. Picture 6- They are being inspected, they are trying to gain access to something, it is a thorough process.

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