Phonics Phase 2 Set 1 Part 1

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Information about Phonics Phase 2 Set 1 Part 1

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: MilanaK



Phonics are the sounds which are the building blocks of the English language. This is the first phase of matching letters to the sounds they make. This power point will teach you the individual sounds and give you the opportunity apply what you have learnt. You will have the opportunity to segment and blend the sounds to read your first words in English!

Phonics Phase 2 Part 1 Set 1 Guidance provided in end slides

sock sun Ss star sand

apple ant Aa aeroplane axe

tree Tt tomato tent train

pan Pp pencil pig pizza

icicles Ii ice-cream iron igloo

nest Nn needle nose newspaper

at at a - t sat s - a - t tap t - a - p tap pat p - a - t pat

Robot talk the sounds. Join the sounds together to read the word. in in i - n sin s- i-n sin tin t - i - n tin pin p - i - n pin

Robot talk the sounds. Join the sounds together to read the word. it it i - t sit s- i-t sit nit n - i - t nit pit p - i - t pit

Learning the sound. apple apple “a - apple” Say the sound the letter “a” makes and then read the word “apple” At this stage avoid saying the name of the letter, only the sound is important at this stage.

Using and applying sounds learned. • Once your child has been taught the individual sounds, it’s time to apply them. • Only the sounds taught in this presentation will be used to create words, so your child will have the confidence to read with you. • Read the word in green as it appears to your child “at” . • Read it again, this time stretching the word out emphasising the graphemes as you do “aaaaatttttt” • Say each grapheme as an individual sound as you read it “a - t” (Robot talk). • As the word appears in the speech bubble let your child read it independently

Using and applying sounds learned. 1)Read the word to your child as you would normally. 2)Read the word to your child stretching out the sounds. 3)Segment the individual sounds. 4)Put the sounds back together to read the word.

Glossary • Phoneme – The sound a letter or group of letters make. The grapheme of a sound can vary, for example f-fun; phphoto. • Grapheme – the written letter/s used to represent a phoneme ffun; ph-photo. • Robot talk – reading a word by breaking it down into its phonemes • c–a–t cat

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