Phonics Lesson 2

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Published on November 16, 2013

Author: lindseycottle



Following an introduction, ensure the pronunciation of each initial sound is correct. Use the exercises and begin to learn the phonic sounds of each letter to enable you to read, write, speak and listen better!

• The initial sounds • The initial sounds of a-z 1 2



Letters and sounds • 26 letters name and sounds 5

Aa 6

Aa Saying the short “a” sounds Saying the long „a‟ sound 7

Bb 8

Bb Saying the short “b” sounds 9

Cc 10

Cc Saying the hard “c” sounds Saying the soft „c‟ sound 11

Dd 12

Dd Saying the short “d” sounds 13

Ee 14

Ee Saying the short “e” sounds Saying the long „e‟ sound 15

Ff 16

Ff Saying the short “f” sounds 17

Revise Aa to Ff by filling in the missing letters 18


Gg 20

Gg Saying the hard “g” sounds Saying the soft „g‟ sound 21

Hh 22

Hh Saying the short “h” sounds 23

Ii 24

Ii Saying the short “i” sounds Saying the long „i‟ sound 25

Jj 26

Jj Saying the short “j” sounds 27

Kk 28

Kk Saying the hard “k” sounds 29

Ll 30

Ll Saying the short “l” sounds 31

Mm 32

Mm Saying the short “m” sounds 33

Revise Gg to Mm by filling in the missing letters 34

Letters and sounds • 26 letters name and sounds 35

• Sing the alphabet song and phonics songs, and think about the names of the letter and the sounds that they make. • Make letter shapes out of play dough; write them in sand, write their own name in the air etc. 36

Phonics Games Match picture and letter htm Aa to Zz picture cards Letter sequence 1.htm 37

• Aim: grapheme & initial sound identification • Sit in a circle, pass the sounds box, when the music stops, the one holding the box will take 1 picture card out and say the beginning sound of that word, ie cat, /c/. • Advance level to sound out all sounds 38

• Aim: Initial sound identification • sing the alphabet song and pass the ball, when the music stops, the parent holding the ball needs to repeat the sound aloud. 39

• Aim: grapheme & initial sound identification • Equipment: grapheme cards, objects with initial sounds to match cards, bag for objects • Game • Students sit in a circle. • Look at grapheme cards, identify sounds and arrange in centre of circle • Pass a bag of objects around the circle singing “Bag of objects, pass it round, pass it round, pass it round. Bag of objects pass it round, what’s in the bag?” (London bridge is falling down” tune) • Student holding the bag at the end of the song takes out an object, identifies it and it’s initial sound, then places it next to the corresponding card. 40

• Aim: grapheme identification • Sit in a circle, give each student a grapheme card, which is placed in front of them on the floor. • Each parent needs to identify their phoneme (sound) • Teacher calls out a phoneme (sound), the student needs to jump up quickly • The rest of the class need to point to the phoneme before the owner jumps up 41

What we have learnt today • • • • • Aa to Mm letters and sounds Aa to Mm words and pictures Short and long sounds Soft and hard sounds Practice grapheme & initial sound identification 42

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