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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: shruti_mistry



This slideshow will surely list all of the information you need to know about the phoneblok!

By: Shruti Mistry What happens to your phone when a part of it stops working? You throw it away and buy a new one. But this phone is designed to prevent that. Introducing, the phoneblok: a phone worth keeping.

What is a Phoneblok? - A phoneblok is a phone that is created to reduce electronic waste and it’s designed to last forever. It’s different and unique because of its detachable blocks. With a Phoneblok, you can easily replace any components of the phone without having to throw away the entire phone. The creator of the phoneblok is now in partnership with Motorola, the company that created the first mobile phone. Who Created the Phoneblok? - Dave Hakkens is the man who thought of the entire idea, made a video and started a campaign about it. He finally joined up with Motorola to share his whole idea about it and started working on the prototype.

When was this idea shared online? - The video for phonebloks was released on September 19, 2013. The next video about it came out on October 29, 2013. Since the first video, there has been many supporters and donations towards this idea. Supporters - Motorola has recently been working on a project called “Project Ara.” It has the format of a phoneblok, but with added colour . Dave Hakkens and Motorola are now working together to create the prototype for the phoneblok.

How does the Phoneblok work? - The Phoneblok is a phone that is designed to last forever as mentioned before. When if your phone stops working, it’s usually only one of the parts of the phone that is broken, not the whole thing. It can have a cracked screen or the speed can get slow. But with the phoneblok, you can easily replace any part of the phone if it stops to work. The next few slides will explain more about this concept.

The back of the phoneblok has blocks that contribute to make the phone and it’s all connected together by a base. So for instance, if your speed is getting slow you can upgrade the speed block. Or if your screen cracks you can replace it with a new one.

Where can you buy all these blocks? - There is a blok store in which you can purchase replacements and design your phone the way you want to.

What I think of the Phoneblok Amazing idea to reduce electronic waste. - Great way to replace broken parts of your phone. - The Phoneblok should be an actual phone for people to use in the future. - If the Phoneblok were to come out I would buy one with a huge camera and a huge battery. - Discussion Question 1. What is your opinion on the phoneblok? And how would you decide to design it if you had your own? Extra Question: How much do you think a phoneblok would cost?

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