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Published on October 18, 2007

Author: Malden


SLAC’s International Phone Call Usage:  SLAC’s International Phone Call Usage Les Cottrell Manager of SLAC’s Telecommunications Presented at the Research Division Group Leaders meeting, May 11, 1999 Outline of Talk:  Outline of Talk How do we gather information Results Auditing - past, present, future How do we gather information 1/2:  How do we gather information 1/2 International services provided by STS prices are very good, e.g. UK ~ $0.075/m, Germany ~ $0.13/m, France or Switzerland ~ $0.16/m, worst Chile/Sri Lanka/Iran >~ $1.00/m Monthly electronic bills from STS ID cost, time & # called, but not extension How do we gather information 2/2:  How do we gather information 2/2 Phone Switch Call Data Records (CDR) ancient system, SLAC written relies on uVAX II (over 10 years old) running old version of VMS (5.5 person who wrote code long gone listen to records and copies to Unix solid as rock so far - but ... Provides: ID time, # called, duration, extension, but not person or cost. Program to tie back extension to BINlist person etc. and look up country code and use avg cost/min/country from STS bills. Results - Overall use - Sep98:  Results - Overall use - Sep98 Typical use ~ $2K/month,12K minutes, 4.5min/call ~2K International calls/month, ~ $1/call Calls made from ~ 200 extensions (out of 344) Over 50 extensions made > 60 minutes of calls Over 500 different numbers successfully called ~ 40 called for > 60 minutes > 50 countries called for > 30 minutes 70 phones made calls of over 30 minutes each 26 calls were over 30 minutes (23 hour total) FAX 6% (80 phones), shared phones 15%, 8% common area or not in BINlist Usage 1997-99:  Usage 1997-99 Started tracking use & getting authorizations, fixed bug in switch Call Distribution:  Call Distribution Results - Biggest Sept-98:  Results - Biggest Sept-98 Group: BBR (2600m, $430, 16%), EC(14%), SLD(16%), THP(3%), SSR(6%) Extensions: biggest user 4033mins ($93) Countries (by minutes): Italy (4285m, $1100, 36%), UK(2610m, 19%), France (2482m, 14%), Switzerland, Germany, FSU Single call: China 60m, $36, Switzerland ~200m, $31 Auditing - past:  Auditing - past Phone numbers have to be authorized to make international calls requires group/dept. leader email & account records were very incomplete, now better than 99% ~ 344 phones have international access, ~10% down 10% since Aug-98 No charge back to users/groups Fran Balkovich used to scan the paper bills look for exceptions (> 30 min calls, > N calls from extension, unusual countries) call ATOMs took 20% FTE, Fran retired a year ago Auditing - development 1 of 2:  Auditing - development 1 of 2 Developed Web forms & database to track international authorizations Written suite of programs to analyze the bills & CDR records Provide time, date, duration, cost, extension, person, group, country etc. ID exceptions: calls > 30 mins Exts making > 60 minutes of international calls in month Numbers called for > 60 minutes/month Auditing - Development 2 of 2:  Improve information - this was the hardest task for each phone get contact (grp ldr/ATOM), person, location etc. (need for other reasons too) get account, grp ldr authorization for 380 intl. phones Raised issue at ADCCs & Key mgrs & ATOMs Developed automated email to contacts with web site of instructions intsructions include: who are the contacts, how to change a contact SLAC policy on phone use guidelines for exceptions, what to do if suspect inappropriate use how to change access for a phone Auditing - Development 2 of 2 Auditing - Next Steps:  Auditing - Next Steps Sending email to 75 contacts with list of phones they are contacts for, to verify they are right people Ready to send email to contacts on a monthly basis: includes: overview, link to instructions, list of phone & calls, identifying: SLAC phone #, user, time, number called, rough cost, country have tested out with several group leaders (4) and ATOMs (10) Interaction Point article next month More Information:  More Information Guidelines for contacts: List of contacts for phones with international access Draft of IP article

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