Phoenix Flows: How to Celebrate Water Use Through Great Policy and Design - Samuel Feldman

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Information about Phoenix Flows: How to Celebrate Water Use Through Great Policy and...

Published on May 3, 2009

Author: IgnitePhoenix




Event: Ignite Phoenix 3 @ TCA
Event Date: February 25th, 2009

My presentation would advocate, with passion, that we need to add more public fountains and innovative water features to our walkable environment. I will advocate that fountains, often considered water-wasteful, are what could make Phoenix more livable, comfortable, and interesting. I will show examples from Phoenix and other cities. This idea, and my presentation, will spark creativity and get people talking about water in Phoenix.

Water Features Phoenix in Phoenix Samuel Feldman MPA Student, ASU

Our History with Water Phoenix

Scarcity (and abundance) We highlight our scarcity ๏ Phoenix We ignore our abundance ๏

Then: Phoenix

Now: Phoenix

Traditional Uses Drinking ๏ Phoenix Cooking ๏ Personal Hygiene ๏ Cleaning ๏ Landscaping ๏ Pools ๏

Non-Traditional Uses Enjoyment and Aesthetics ๏ Phoenix Water parks ๏ Fountains ๏ Art ๏ Cooling ๏

Choice! Golf course = 312,000 gallons per day ๏ Phoenix Family of 4 = 560 gallons per day ๏ Water Fountain = <10 gallons per day ๏ 312,000 560 <10

One Fix: Water Features Remind us that we have abundance ๏ Phoenix Tell us a story about water in the desert ๏ Celebrate water, our life-giving force ๏

The Five Aesthetics Sound ๏ Phoenix Sight ๏ Touch ๏ Smell ๏ Taste ๏

Sound Know Your Site ๏ Phoenix Loud or soft? ๏ Trickle, flow, splash, rain. ๏

Sight The color of water ๏ Phoenix Materials and aging ๏ Lighting and evening hours ๏

Touch How do we touch the world around us? ๏ Phoenix Fingers, hands, feet, legs. ๏ Nature’s evaporative cooler. ๏

Smell How will your water smell? ๏ Phoenix Plant Smart ๏ Creosote, flowering plants ๏

Taste? Is there drinking water? ๏ Phoenix Innovate to provide total experience. ๏

The Sixth Aesthetic Interpretation. ๏ Phoenix Story-telling. ๏

Meaning: The 6th Aesthetic Temporal, seasonal. ๏ Phoenix The ebb and flow. ๏

Sustainable Recycle water. ๏ Phoenix Wind and rain meters. ๏ Timed for most use. ๏ Natural refill? ๏ Rain dependent? ๏

Other Sustainability Consider water loss - both sides. ๏ Phoenix Loss = cooler temperatures. ๏

Final Thoughts We must remember our place. ๏ Phoenix We have both abundance and scarcity. ๏ Water features can be: ๏ sustainable; - beautiful; - cooling and refreshing. -

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