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Information about Philanthropy

Published on January 30, 2014

Author: ForrestMcIlwain



Philanthropy is a central aspect of our nature.

* Forrest Mcilwain

* “Tzedakah” is a Hebrew word that is usually translated into English as “charity.” * “Charity” suggests that the wealthy magnanimously give something to the poor. This does not capture, however, the depth of the concept of Tzedakah. * Tzedakah implies that giving is an act of justice and fairness and righteousness. * For more information, see: *

* We can turn to other spiritual practices to broaden our understanding of the deep meaning of giving to those in need. For example: * In Buddhism, we come to understand that we are all connected, regardless of our level of wealth and power in society. * In Christianity, we are taught to love others apart from self interest. * In Hinduism, there is the observance to give generously without thought of reward and that 10 percent of your money is God’s money for those in need. * Muslims are obliged every year to calculate their wealth and give to those less fortunate. This is known as zakat and is equal to prayer as an expression of faith. *

* Giving is beyond any sense of moral or religious obligation. * The seed for giving is a central aspect of one’s human nature. *

* We all get help as we move through our lives. * It is only right that we give back when we can. * Cash. Our labor. Our knowledge. A smile. * We all have something to give. *

* Giving, like love and compassion, is a river that flows throughout the universe. * Blessed are you if the spirit of giving flows through your Being. *

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