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Published on October 8, 2009

Author: PhiladelphiaCoaches


October 2009 Newsletter In This Issue President's Message PACA's Monthly Dinner Meeting Dear PACA Community- New Member Event Every year the Past President coordinates the Developing deeper annual survey and I thank Maria van Hekken, Laura relationships Pumo and the rest of the Board members for their work on this year's survey. It was comprehensive Get your nametags! and really gave us a snapshot into WHO PACA is. The information provided was very valuable and November Dinner very interesting. Meeting We are you, the membership, and the board takes into account WHO PACA Holiday Party you are and WHAT you want when making decisions regarding programming and special events and also what organizations we align ICF Credential with. Sometimes we hit a home run and sometimes, we strike out. Mentoring Call Having the survey responses helps us be on target. So thank you to the 51 of you who completed this year's survey. We very much appreciate New Member Corner your time and effort. 2009 ICF Int'l So drum roll please...... some insight to who PACA really is and what Conference you really want this year. I am curious how well you know the fellow members of PACA so I wrote this from that perspective.   Quick Links Did you know the age range of our members? PACA Website Our Events - 48% of our members are between 51 and 60 years old? - 36.2 % were between 20 and 50 years old? Member Area - 15.5 % were over 60 years old? Contact Us Did you know that 82.8 % of our members are female? Geographically, we are spread out over more than 5 counties in Pennsylvania and we have a strong presence in New Jersey so PACA Connect with members are everywhere. PACA Consistent with some other studies, 50% of our members earn less than $30,000 annually from coaching income alone. We are evenly split with

50% of our members doing coaching part-time and 50% reporting that they coach full-time. 41% of you have been coaching for more than 5 years. Add PACA as a friend 73.2 % of respondents are members of the ICF and 64.3% are on Facebook credentialed by the ICF or are intending to seek credentialing. We were trained at many diverse coaching institutions and have a diverse coaching niche. You reported that 48.2% of you provide personal/life coaching, followed closely by 46.4% who provide executive/organizational coaching, 39.3 % career coaching, 28.6% provide business coaching and 21.4% provide Connect with PACA other coaching services such as retreats, ADHD, wellness coaching to on LinkedIn name a few. WHEW- we provide a lot of coaching services over many niche areas. Over 50% of you would considering volunteering to help PACA (THANK Interested in YOU) and we welcome your contributions. You can contact any Board Member to offer to help at any time. Being Interviewed for Good news: 94% are proud to be members of PACA, recommend PACA to coaching colleagues and trust the board to make good decisions. Our New Member Over 90% of you value the monthly speaker and 84% of you rate the Column? networking as average value or above. Please contact There were also many wonderful suggestions you made regarding Pat Weeks at: presenters and events and our website which we are reviewing. Each Vice President is looking at specific feedback and will be incorporating this information into their plan for 2010. On behalf of the entire board, I thank you for the time and effort you put forth in completing the survey. Display Your Products And Wishing you a wonderful month - Promotional All the best - Materials At sue Monthly Meetings Susan Guiher, MS CCC President, Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance Did you know? PACA members are welcome to bring and display their coaching products at all monthly PACA meetings. A long- standing member-only PACA's October Monthly Dinner Meeting benefit, a table will now be available just for PACA members to display their items. Date & Time: Thursday, October 15th, 2009 - 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm EST So bring your coaching tools, books, flyers of Topic: "The Business of Change: Breaking the Cycle of upcoming events, etc. Struggle" and share with our community! Speaker: David C. Miller, MS, PCC For more information, Location: Double Tree Guest Suites, 640 W. Germantown please contact Chris

Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA (610) 834-8300 Coward at or 215-472-1572. Details & Registration: Click here Tension Management is essential to all change work. This principle enables you to understanding the level of productive tension operating in your clients around specific activities and providing the appropriate Good News for support to help your clients make the changes they want to make. This You can be applied to both clients and prospects and in this monthly meeting you will learn how managing your prospect's and client's tension will Have you been: break the "cycle of struggle." Along the way, you will also learn how to manage YOUR own productive tension! Covered in the Additionally, in this fast-paced, interactive session, you will: news? Published in a magazine? Find out why the statement "people resist change" is a myth Quoted as an Learn the singular reason people change expert? Learn the reason clients get involved and stay involved with coaching Understand the key role productive tension plays in every Then we want to know! coaching situation Send your good news See specific applications of tension and how a coach can use links to these principles to get straight to the core of their client's issues communications@ Discover specific ways coaches mismanage their client's tension so we can share with the whole PACA community. As an added bonus, you will be able to complete your own personal ChangeGridTM profile (after the session), which will reveal your readiness to market and sell your services successfully. This includes a personal debrief with guest speaker, Dave Miller. Get it While it's Hot! 1.5 CCEU's will be awarded in the area of Personal Development and Core Competencies. Take advantage of our 10th Anniversary SPEAKER BIO: Membership Drive. David C. Miller MSCC, CPCC, PCC is an Enjoy a free dinner executive and leadership coach with over 20 years meeting on us when you of business experience, working in corporate, recommend someone to consulting and entrepreneurial environments. He PACA and they join! works with executives and leaders to have more influence and make a greater impact on their This offer ends October organizations. 31, 2009. Dave uses his business expertise to help his clients (from individuals to Fortune 500 companies) achieve transformational solutions. He also teaches leadership, team building, emotional intelligence, conflict management, change management, tension management and coaching skills to some of the most accomplished executives. Dave also helps coaches, consultants, business owners and sales professionals attract more clients, obtain larger engagements and generate higher revenue. Executives from prominent organizations rely on David C. Miller & Associates including: BlueCross BlueShieldTN, Emerging Growth Equities, Guardian, Hanover Insurance, IKEA, KPMG, Milliman USA, Prudential, QPS Pharmaceutical Services, Society of Actuaries, Solstice Neurosciences and Westport Worldwide.

Dave is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Professional Certified Coach and is a member of the National Speakers Association. He is also a Certified ChangeWorks Analyst and a Certified MasterStream Trainer. Dave can be contacted by phone at 215-968-2483 or email at Register online now!   Semi-Annual New Member Event Announcement! Dear Linda, Are you new to PACA? Are you not so new and ready to get more involved? Please join us for our semi-annual new member's event, where you will: Meet PACA's VP of Membership and find out how PACA can support your growing business Cheryl Vermey, the VP of Professional Development, will join us to answer any of your coach training and credentialing questions Enjoy a more intimate setting with other new members Get all your questions answered about PACA and how to get involved Begin networking with other coaches What: New Member Event When: Thursday, October 22 12:30 pm Where: Maggiano's (205 Mall Blvd, King of Prussia. (610) 992-3333) Cost: Simply pay the charges for your own meal! RSVP to Rosy Elliott, VP of Membership by e-mail. On behalf of the entire Board, I look forward to connecting with you, answering any questions you may have about PACA and welcoming you into this vibrant community. Warmly, Rosy Elliott VP of Membership

Developing deeper relationships with our new members As VP of Membership at PACA, I am thrilled to announce the launch a new way of connecting with our new members. Working closely with Angel Fields and Trinette Ricks at thinkBIG* to create this three phase New Member Drip Campaign, PACA has identified a solid process to reach and welcome all new members to our vibrant community. And speaking of new members feeling connected . . . Our next New Member Lunch will be held at 12:30pm at Maggiano's in King of Prussia on October 22. Look out for an invitation or just RSVP to me at I look forward to hearing from you! Rosy *thinkBIG Innovative Design and Marketing, LLC is a full-service Marketing-Advertising-Public Relations agency that works as your practice's in-house marketing department. Their creative & unique approach to marketing delivers global thinking, fresh ideas and execution of your plan, on time and within budget. Leverage their expertise to brand your business or to create a unique promotional program to take your practice to the next level! thinkBIG can be reached at 856-246-1010 or on the web at Nametags! Nametags! Get your nametags! One year ago this October, PACA went green by issuing all members their own beautiful, permanent nametags. No more glue leaving residue on your silk blouse. No more stick pins accidentally pricking you. And importantly - no more trash. With the conclusion of 10th Anniversary celebrations, PACA is doing some housekeeping and it's time to play your part! Come to the next PACA dinner meeting and pick up your official PACA name badge. We still have lots of them, clueing us into the fact that there are lots of you out there without them. You'll also be pleased to note that permanent, magnetic name tags offer the following additional benefits. You can: Easily hide a lost shirt button or stain Always know your name, no matter what happens on Saturday night Quickly add flair for your messenger bag, briefcase or purse So come on in and get your nametag!

SAVE THE DATE! PACA's November Monthly Dinner Meeting Date & Time: Thursday, 11/19/2009 - 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM Topic: "Stand Up, Stand Out-And Change The World: How Businesses of the Future Will Gain the Competitive Edge" Speaker: Lizabeth Phelps, Influential Communications Trainer, Certified Empowerment Coach Location: The Double Tree Guest Suites 640 W. Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting, PA (610) 834-8300 Details & Registration: Click here SAVE THE DATE!  PACA Holiday Party Date: Thursday December 17th, 2009 Topic: "It's OK to Play" Speaker: Evan Marcus Location: Double Tree Guest Suites 640 W. Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting, PA (610) 834-8300 ICF Credential Mentoring Call Open as a PACA MEMBER BENEFIT! Date: Thursday, October 22, 2009, 7 pm - 8 pm EST Facilitator: Ken Abrams, MCC

PACA Bridge Line: 712-429-0700 PIN: 43865 This call is an extremely valuable learning experience for ALL coaches - even the most experienced! If you are you already a credentialed coach, this experience serves to stretch your coaching skills and challenge you to become an even more masterful coach! Next Series: Thursday, November 26, 2009 Contact to register: Ken Abrams, MCC-ICF Credential Committee Chair, New Member Corner - Mark Goodwin Interviewed by Patricia Weeks Looking back, Mark Goodwin's path to coaching seems almost preordained. Founder and CEO of All-n-Won Wellness, Mark has been involved in foodservice for 30 years as a Certified Executive Chef (ACF), working in Culinary Nutrition for 12 years and for the last 15 years as Executive Chef and Wellness Coordinator for QVC prior to his lay off in November 2008. When a Senior VP of Human Resources said he needed more to move to the next level, he earned his Certified Personal Trainer (AFPA) and then last August, Mark earned his coaching certification from Wellcoaches™. Part of his inspiration dates back to an October, 1998, article in the American Dietetic Association Journal calling for a multidisciplinary approach to the epidemic of obesity. In order to play a more effective role in fighting this epidemic, he has also studied at Immaculata College and is now a third of his way toward his BS in Nutrition. Mark has also just completed his 10th marathon and was recognized in 2004 by Main Line Today Magazine as one of "33 Men to Watch." The single biggest surprise Mark encountered in coaching is "having not to talk." The hardest thing is not being the "expert." Along with being an Executive Chef, Mark has 20 years as a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy and has been a dad for 25 years - none of which prepared him to impact someone's life with a question and reflection. He says that realizing the massive power of silence is overwhelming. Not a registered dietician, he can still coach in food choices, cooking skills and educate in general nutrition. When sitting with clients, it's the wellness coach they are sitting with and, now and then, the culinary coach or trainer comes in.

Mark loves to coach the people who have tried and tried but failed at a diet, a gym membership or are overly stressed out, whose feeling of empowerment and self-efficacy are going down the drain despite many years of diets or training programs. Mark quotes one of his mentors who says, "People spend all this effort banging down the nails not realizing why the floor boards are popping up." Instead, Mark loves to find the starting point, loves listening for connections to how they got where they are now. He tell his clients that they first need to find out how they got where they are today and secondly enjoy finding the paths that will impact tomorrow. If given two weeks of free professional development Mark would strengthen his coaching skills and coaching business by working with additional mentor coaches, beyond the life coach he has now. He would focus on finding out how to attract the right clients, further developing the skills that would enhance his success with clients and his business and look at how to achieve balance with his family. Aside from a 26 year marriage to a "beautiful bride" and four kids, Mark feels his greatest success is when a client "gets it." He says to potential clients, "If weight loss is your sole purpose, you're working with the wrong person." In fact, when he asked about 15 women what the most important thing in their life was, not one responded with "weight". However, the reason often given by clients who sign up for coaching, especially women, is that they want to work on weight loss. Instead of dealing with the symptom (weight), Mark talks about lifestyle changes, with weight loss being the by-product of that. After a few months of training and coaching, Mark often hears, "You know, I am not seeing the weight loss I thought I would" or "I'm not as far along as I thought I would be." He responds with four questions: How do you feel? "I feel great." How is your energy level? "It is so much better!" How is your stress? "You know, I really haven't thought that much about it because my stress seems down." How do your clothes fit? "I am down a whole dress size"! Mark tells his clients: "Slow, progressive, quality lifestyle changes are like your favorite food. With every want a little bit more." Mark passionately believes that where we are today is a result of the path we've walked upon. The choices we've made and what we do today will create the future. Each of us has our own path. His experience as a 20-year recovering alcoholic finds Mark often not coaching his clients, but sitting right next to them, knowing what it's like to have that cake calling from the kitchen or the failure to take that walk haunting them...and discovering that the answer to a joyful life is within each of them. 2009 ICF International Conference Global Conversations: Inspiring individuals, Building

communities, Impacting the world Make plans now to attend the 14th ICF Annual International Conference! Join this year's largest global gathering of professional coaches, December 2-5 in Orlando, Florida, USA. If you are passionate and curious about professional coaching, don't miss this premiere industry event expected to draw 1,200 attendees, over 40 expert speakers (including our very own Cheryl Vermey!) and more than 50 unique exhibitors. All events will take place at one convenient location, the breathtaking Rosen Shingle Creek resort. What to do at conference: Dialogue with peers, industry experts and ICF leaders. Learn and earn Continuing Coach Education Units (CCEUs). Connect during special networking and social events. See and try new coaching products and materials. Enjoy your stay at the luxurious Rosen Shingle Creek. Have fun at Orlando's world famous attractions and theme parks. In Florida, we'll engage in Global Conversations about the sustainability and future impact of the worldwide coaching community. Join the conversation and let your voice be heard! Register early to maximize your savings. Discounts available if you register before September 30, 2009. For more Conference information and to register, go to:   Connection with Your Executive Board! Join us at a PACA Board Meeting to get better acquainted with your Board: 1st Thursday of each month from 10:15 AM - 12:00 Noon. As location varies, please contact PACA Secretary Christine Fontana or 610-585-6960 to confirm your attendance at a Board meeting and receive instructions. If you have suggestions or observations about our community, please feel free to contact any of the Board members

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