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Published on February 24, 2008

Author: anisez



What are phenomenon brands and how are they built:


Is your brand a phenomenon ? If the answer is ‘yes’, you are probably one of the most envied marketers.

If the answer is ‘yes’, you are probably one of the most envied marketers.

Because : The consumers are proud to own it They love to display it They love the experience of interacting with it They are walking advertising whose credibility cannot be questioned

The consumers are proud to own it

They love to display it

They love the experience of interacting with it

They are walking advertising whose credibility cannot be questioned

Not only this… They get a sense of fulfillment in spreading the word about the brand.

What are the examples of phenomenon brands: Facebook iPod Starbucks Google





What are the characteristics of Phenomenon Brands:

They are part of a trend or lifestyle. If you are a user of the brand, you are in; otherwise you are a dud who is missing so much in life.

They are futuristic. They give you a sense of ‘the latest’ and let you imagine ‘the future’ better. You just feel fascinated by the way these brands think ahead of you.

They have a mass appeal. They are not exclusive or far from the reach of middle-class. Even if there is a premium, it’s worth the experience.

They reflect attitude of the consumer . Look: I am cool; I am up to date; I am smart; I am different; and so on.

They build identity for the consumer and social groups. The brand becomes the source of group and identity.

They provide unique experience. The brand gives lots of novelty and experience, offers ideas/ features that are not even asked for.

They connect with the youths. The brand fascinates the youth and they love to talk about it.

What it takes to have a Phenomenon Brand:

Its an idea empowered.

Its an innovative product and unique experience.

Its answering an untapped need or opportunity in the current lifestyle or trends.

Its about vision, creative thinking and being ready for tomorrow .

Its about adventurism and aggression to push ahead the idea with sheer confidence.

Its about building the aura through viral, PR, guerilla campaigns and letting people crave for knowledge.

You cannot build a Phenomenon Brand in all categories:

Categories that have negative associations e.g. medicine or insurance.

Categories that have serious business image e.g. banks or real estate

Categories where the user is unable to brandish the brand e.g. beauty products.

Categories where it is hard to come up with unique product innovation e.g. fruit juice

Categories that are not part of emerging lifestyle or trends e.g. milk.

Categories that are exclusive and beyond reach of masses e.g. designer wear or premium jewelry.

Are Phenomenon Brand the same as Icon Brands?

Icon Brands are Phenomenon Brands that have stayed on the peak for long enough. Harley Davidson Coca Cola Nike

Because, no competitor was able to shatter the aura , neither with innovation nor with reputation

Icon brands have a heritage while its not necessary for phenomenon brands.


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