PHD Admission in Science Education in India

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Information about PHD Admission in Science Education in India

Published on July 5, 2016

Author: phdadmission


Slide1: PHD Admission in Science Education in India 7533-00-7534 Slide2: Ph.D in History Admission 2015-16,Ph.D in History Course,Ph.D in History Eligibility,Ph.D in History Entrance Exam 2015-16 What W e Are? 7533-00-7534 Slide3: Admission in UGC PHD Courses (Council Approved) – Tradition Course – Science, Art, Language, Math 7533-00-7534 Slide4: Study Supports Study Materials – Books, Online Home Tutors – your requirement and study abroad Any Time University give exceptional Classes – at Campus time of selection Our Candidates Pass Percentage is up to 99%. 7533-00-7534 Slide5: Specialized in Ph.D admission with all Services - Entrance Exam - in First Stage University Admission - Program 2yrs Topic Selection - According to Research Field Guide – Search out, Appointment & Coordination Synopsis Preparation, Presentation, Approval - 25-30 pages RDC Meeting (at University) – Research Approval by University Publication – International Research Journal Seminar – National & International Thesis Preparation, Presentation, Approval – 300 pages Viva (by University RDC) – Research Approval Research Completion Certificate Award 7533-00-7534 Slide6: - THE END BEGINNING - Thank You for Your Attention!!! 7533-00-7534

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